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I got a Rx for Metformin!!

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After seeking a prescription from any of the doctors whom I see, my PCP agreed yesterday to analyze the data and consider it.  I just got a call saying after reviewing my records and articles relative to Metformin and endometrial cancer, she said it was reasonable to conclude I showed sufficient evidence of "metabolic syndrome" and that Metformin has shown promise and is actively under study for its effectiveness in treating EC.  So, I am getting a Rx for the extended release version of Metformin.  This has been a several month campaign by me with various doctors, and I am sure that it worked out for me because I demonstrated that I had studied this issue and was not blindly asking for the "newest thing."   My endocrinologist was supportive but would not cross my gyne oncologist (who declined bc it is not FDA approved) and the integrative oncologist was supportive but declined bc he felt unqualified to follow my progress on the medication.  However, I believe he put a note in my chart that began a paper trail for a dx of metabolic syndrome (rapid unexplained weight gain; questionable A1c and glucose levels). My PCP agreed that Metformin was generally safe but she wanted to research herself its connection with EC.  She called me today to say she had done so and was prepared to prescribe.  

Thanks to TakingControl for educating us about Metformin and how to build a case for it with providers who hesitate.  Like she said, if you are not diabetic, you need at least a dx of "metabolic syndrome" to qualify for a Rx as "medically necessary."

I am pleased with this development.  I am starting to build a vitamin and supplement plan in further support of "doing something" to help forestall a future recurrence (I've had 2).  I am starting R Lipoid Acid for my neuropathy and I'm adding turmeric to the Vitamins D3, C, B6 and B12 I already am taking.  The fight continues! Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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Great news for you! I hope they prescibe the XR extended release just because it may be less likely to cause diarrhea from what I have read. So maybe now I will go see my primary care and see what my hemaglobin A1c and fasting blood sugar is. This whole thing about inflammation in the body being a contributing factor to so many diseases is very interesting. I often times think of the high level of stress that I have had over the years and not relating it that much to overall health. 


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This is great news.  Persistence pays off. I was given the drug because I was insulin resistant
and had metabolic syndrome.  I believe this drug has helped me remain in remission.
My glucose, insulin and A1C numbers have remained in very healthy ranges (vs. the
levels they were at when I was first diagnosed with cancer.). 

Both insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are major risk factors for endometrial cancer,
so I believe every oncologist should prescribe the drug to their patients if they have these risk
factors, since if you don't address your risk factors, cancer can return.  Metformin helps prevent cancer
by treating the risk factors that can lead to cancer.  That is what prevention is all about.

Personally, I believe supplementation is a vital part of healing cancer.  You have to
come at cancer from many directions.  If you are low in certain vitamins or minerals, your
body can't work properly.  Metformin can lower your B12 levels so keep an eye on them.

I still use about 45 differnet suppelments to support various functions in the body.
Liver support, mitochondria support (the powerhouse of our cells), anti-inflammatory
supplements, anti-bacterial/anti-microbial suppelments, immune boosting supplements and
supplements known to target cancer cells and the process of angiogenesis.   





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My PCP had to tweak stuff just a little to get me the training-wheels dose (500 mg ... some ladies here got 250 mg). It turned out I had a little trouble with my a1c levels over the years. Never enough to be diabetic, though one year it was getting a little close. But just at the borderline to pre-diabetes. Fortunately for me, my endo (I have hypothyroidism) said I could stay on it until my next appointment in July. I'm getting the impression I'll be on it a lot longer than that. I can't believe how chemo can elevate a whole bunch of levels! 

Congrats. I figure that even with a training-wheel dose, it's better than nothing! No ill effects for me so far, though I know one or two others have had problems. The worse for me is more trips to the bathroom for #2s, but nothing dire or nasty. 

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Hi Oldbeauty

Thanks for posting this.  Also for both you and TakingControl telling us how to or what to ask.  Thats so important.

My best to you!


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