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And the news is in...

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Partially blocked abdominal aorta.  

Fractured wrist.   

I'll take the NED and run with it running around emoticon  .

Will have to work on getting my cholesterol down with diet, as I am allergic to all Statins. 

And my wrist is braced and hopefully will heal soon. They think it was caused because the bones have been damaged by Chemo. Not surprised!

So, all in all, I would say a good day. 


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What happened? Did you have an accident? Good news on the cancer front.

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Posts: 5382
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but I think it happened while doing push-ups.  My Doctor told me that the bones can become brittle due to chemo, and easily fractured or broken. I didn't feel anything until I woke up with wrist pain. 

The x-ray also showed a healed fracture in the same wrist. I have no knowledge of any injury. Interesting, to say the least. 

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Unknown injuries like that are scary. Pushups, while seemingly simple, do put a lot of stress on your wrists. I want to start them up again myself. I have been a little afraid because of the illeostony. Still wanting to order the stealth belt first.

ive sprained my wrist and it took about 6 weeks to heal and then another to heal mentally. I don’t know whether a fracture is faster or slower. I’ll take it easy on the weights.

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Congratulations, Tru.  I've been following your journey as my husband is undergoing chemo for colon cancer now, so I've been needing to absorb as much info as possible to hopefully help support him along the way.  All the very best. You deserve it.

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Joan M
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and of course your partially blocked abdomial Aorta.  Can they perform the angioplasty to open it up?

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Well that news seems to be bitter/sweet but all in all it's good.  Yes everything is changed by chemo.  My eyes have gotten so much worse, but neuropathy drives me batty if I'm not able to get my meds on time, my memory has gone to heck (wait they could be my age too LOL).  I'm so glad that things are going well for you.  Time to celebrate.  WTG on such a good appointment and enjoy your NED.  You've come a long way and deserve lots of congrats Laughing.

Hugs! Kim

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I am so happy that you started out with NED. Sorry about the other 2 issues, but they can be dealt with. For me it felt like some one took a hundred pound backpack off of me, when I heard the NED from my onc.


I wish I knew how to place a dancing yellow thingy, I would!!!Sealed

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I have a wonderful imagination, so I can see the dancing yellow thingy in your post. 


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Congratulations! I too follow your story and all the encouraging posts that you place to others.  I don't think you could know how much your posts help, thanks.

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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations on the Ned Tru! Sorry about the other things.

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I just remembered that the Xeloda does a number on Calcium levels.

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In spite of all the other stuff

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Oh I couldn't be happier for you! I have read a lot of your posts and you are an angel here! NED what a lovely day. Who cares about the wrist, that's a drop in the bucket with all you have een through. NED NED Hip Hip Hooray!


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Posts: 5382
Joined: Jan 2013

A lady asked me why I could be so happy with a broken wrist, and I told her, 'A broken wrist alive is better than Cancer dead.' 


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Congrats to the heart of our discussion group! NED is what we all long to see.  The other stuff is fixable, right? Keep us posted on your stomach issue please. 

Prayers and love,  -Beth

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wonderful NED news! I don’t know what to say about the other news. I too have terrible neurapathy in my feet and my digestion definitely doesn’t quite work like it used to. And the aches and pains are more than I remembe. People hear the good news about the NED and don’t realize the battle scars we tolerate even after “beating” cancer. 

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Pushups? Yeah I need to start them, maybe I'll buy those handles they have so I don't suffer a like injury. Sit-ups would be good too now that I'm nearing three months from the hernia/mesh stuff. I'm about out of excuses. Anyway NED is wonderful and I'm glad you have the dancing squad going strong.................Dave

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Yipee!!! So happy for you Tru.  I'll take the broken wrist anytime over the cancer.

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So glad for you! What a great day.

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You really deserve that! 

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I hadn't heard about the bone degradation with chemo, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised on that one. It is pretty harsh stuff. I will have to look into another side effect and how to combat it now.

Still, a good day!

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Lily Flower
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Congratulations Tru on the NED!!! Ouch for your wrist. Take care of yourself!

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on the NED. May it ever be so!

hope that wrist heals quickly and completely 

all the best



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NED!  NED!  NED!  Love it!  So sorry about the fracture and blocked aorta.  NED sort of takes the sting out of those, though!  So happy for you!

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I am happy, happy, happy for you that you are knocking down the beast. It is always wonderful to read news like this. Sorry about the other issues and hope they are resolved soon.



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Congratulations on NED. Sorry about the other things, hope you heal fast.

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May you be NED forevermore!!!   Good luck with the wrist!




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Oh wow I’m so delighted for you! Take care and enjoy NED WOHOO

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Hooooooo! I still occasionally check in, congratulations!!

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