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Talk about SCLC

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Joined: Sep 2001

Hello I am new to this group and diagnosed only3 months ago I am very interested in talking with any one who also has been diagnosed with SCLC

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My husband was diagnosed with SCLC 4 months ago. Are you limited or extensive stage?

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Joined: Dec 2017

I have sclc and i am going for radiation treatment next week. Not sure what to expect but i will go anyway. I need five treatments to start with. and then we will see.


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Radiation wasn't too terrible. I'm fair skinned & it "sunburned" me. I had 10 reatments with no sickness or hairloss. Good luck & prayers to you!Laughing

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I have sclc. I did 10 radiation treatments last September & October. It wasn't that bad. No nausea & no hair loss. It did burn. I'm fair skinned so it burned me pretty good. 

Good luck to you & prayers to you.

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You may not have noticed, but this thread is 16 years old. You may want to start a new one. Also, there are a ton of folks at Inspire.com that would be willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Best ot luck, Frank!

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Hi! I'm new to this group. I was diagnosed with leukimia 6/28/16, & sclc 3/7/17. Thank God the type of leukimia was MDS. Not very aggressive. I've done the chemo, the radiation & now I'm on Opdivo. My PET scan 12/27/17 showed no cancer! I was stage 3 given a year to live in the beginning because the MDS became aggressive & the cancer had metastised to a group of lymph nodes in my my right shoulder area. I lost my Mom to SCLC in 1992. Unless you've had cancer or been close to someone who has it you will never know how nasty & mean a disease it is. I am blessed in the fact I trust my oncologist with my life literally! I try to stay positive & say I'm not ready to go, I love life! I thank the Lord every day I wake up whether it's a good day or bad. I'm due for more scans the end of this month. Let's hope & pray I get the same results as December!

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