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BP: How high is concerning?

ImNotDeadYet Member Posts: 244
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Had four doses of Votrient so far (started Saturday) and was a bit surprised to see my BP jump so quickly. (I've looked at past threads here and seen that it can be an indicator that it's working, but still needs to be closely monitored.)

Yesterday, my best reading was 136/94 with HR of 94, with other readings showing higher Systolic and Diastolic being higher (for ex 161/94, HR 94). This morning, before eating or taking any pills, my BP was 154/102 with HR of 69. I also had a pretty bad headache. My next scheduled oncologist appt is next Wed (3/7). From your collective experiences, does this seem high enough to warrant a trip to the doc sooner than next week? I've never had BP this high before, and do have other factors, such as mild-moderate sleep apnea, and a family history of heart and BP issues.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  • rdoyd2
    rdoyd2 Member Posts: 80
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    Those readings are high . I

    Those readings are high . I would call your primary doc and get checked.136 over 94 not that high but the other readings are high and warrant being checked by your doctors 

  • icemantoo
    icemantoo Member Posts: 3,358 **
    Don't worry, but call the doctor.


    Probably nothung to worry about. Call the doctor anyway. 

    Garry a/k/a icemant

  • ImNotDeadYet
    ImNotDeadYet Member Posts: 244
    Waiting for a call back

    Thanks for the suggestions. Spoke to doc's office - I think it was lunchtime - and am awaiting a call back. 

  • donna_lee
    donna_lee Member Posts: 1,018
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    The sort of new normal

    can be up to 130 sys. reading for your age group.

    Are you sure you aren't dealing with white coat syndrome...as when you know you are going to have BP taken, it goes up?  Or do you have one arm that consistently gives a higher reading than the other-which may need to be checked out, also.

    I know mine gets higher when they hustle you in to have your weight checked, hurry down the hall to the exam room, and slap the BP monitor on immediately to get all things ready for the Dr.

    But glad you're having the issue checked.



  • ImNotDeadYet
    ImNotDeadYet Member Posts: 244
    Hadn't considered the two-arm thing...

    Thanks for the perspective, Donna_Lee. I have only been checking on my left arm; maybe I need to do both and see if I get something different. Either way, the diastolic numbers have been a little scary. I'm usually very close to 120/80, sometimes even lower on both counts, so this has me a bit concerned. I was also feeling a bit out of sorts today. Fortunately, I work from home and was able to lie down for a bit. On phone with nurse now...


  • ImNotDeadYet
    ImNotDeadYet Member Posts: 244
    New BP med and lowered Votrient dose

    Thanks again for the feedback!

    Talked to doc, and she put me on Amlodipine to reduce my BP, and we've lowered the Votrient dose to 600 mg. BP was still siginficantly elevated yesterday, so I went to a local urgent care. Of course, once there, it was closer to normal and too low to do anything about. That doctor also felt my sever headache, based on how I was describing it, was a tension headache. I've had them before, but didn't even consider that! I took a muscle relaxant and slept a good deal yesterday. Took another one at night before bed too. Feeling much better today. BP is still higher than I'd like, but it is within manageable range. And the BP med should start working in the next 24 hours or so.

  • AnnissaP
    AnnissaP Member Posts: 632
    Glad to hear it should all be

    Glad to hear it should all be worked out soon. Tension headaches are the worst! I literally just had one for 13 days straight (until 2 days ago). Just awful!! Take care!