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Need some guidance - In a lot of pain

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Hi Everyone....

I have not been sleeping very well. I am assuming it is due to my surgical menopause...insomnia part. Ugh!

However, that being said I have a scheduled repeat CT Scan for my lungs and abdomen/pelvis in March, it's my 3 month check, since 2 soliditary nodules were found in both lungs a long with thickening. Just to rule out any growths or changes...


My concern is now my cough is getting worse and I am experiencing a lot of pain in my bones...i'm hoping its just the weather being cold, winter and damp. I'm trying not to link the both together...but it's hard not too at the sametime.


I made an appointment to see my family doctor tomorrow.





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I think seeing your GP is a good place to start.  I know how hard it is not to worry about every ache and pain.  After over two years since chemo I still have trouble sleeping because of the neuropathy.  I've found if I get a good night's rest, my day is soooo much better than if I've had a bad night.

I hope everything turns out ok!



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Do you take anything for your neuropathy? I take gabapentin and it helps a lot, but there are still times when I get break through pain. Some nights are awful and it always seems to be worse at night.

I used to take ametriptyline - it worked better, in fact I had no neruo pain while  on it - but it made me so tired and lethargic, I could not function.

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Lack of sleep is rough. I pray you'll get a full night's rest very soon.

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Best wishes for a good CT scan and I hope  you can find out what is causing the pain and that it is easily dealt with.

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