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use of hemp (Rick Simpson) oil

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I have come to learn about the sometimes miraculous results in treaating cancer with hemp oil. I started a regimen about 2 weeks ago.  I am interested to know if anyone has heard of hemp oil as a treatment or better yet, if anyone has used it./ What were the results?

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Here is a previous thread that addresses your comment.



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i have been using CBD oil , PSA fell 4 points, no symptoms of prostate cancer, normal function except occasional split stream indicating cancer still present;

Off Flomax for good, now have normal function and no side effects from Flomax;

i will reveal my full protocol of Micronutrient Immunotherapy

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Thats great news!  May I ask what stage your cancer is/was in?  How much oil did you use?  Ive read it is 60 gms over 90 days.  Im 3 weeks into hemp oil therapy.  I skipped my first monthly hormone injection yesterday.  Blood tests will be  forthcoming. Im encouraged, but a little frightened too.

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Its highly unlikly that hemp oil can treat cancer. No studies show it to be effective for cancer. Even studies testing it for its effect on pain never comment on any noticable anticancer effect. 

So yes to pain but no to treatment of cancer. 

If you want to research for yourself here are some studies and info below. 







Good Luck 

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I began my regimen the first week of March, 2016.  After researching its effects, I informed my oncologist what I was doing and forwent  my horemone therapy for April and May.  I felt that if it was going to work, it was already doing what it was supposed to do.  The results of my first blood test taken 2  months after my last horemone injections showed no change in my psa #'s at 7.1.  It was 74 at diagnosis.  Much of the reduction was due to the hormones.  But the psa numbers remained unchanged with forgoing the hormone injections for several months.  I did have a slight increase in my testosterone levels without adversley affecting my psa numbers as well.  My cancer is a stage 4.  I injested 60 grams over about 75 days vs the recommended 90.  The more one can get in, in a shorter period of time, the more effective it is at killing cancer.  I dont get my next blood work done until the end of July.  I'm anxious, but remain positive it will still be doing what it is supposed to do.  I will keep this post updated.  That will be a litmus test.

I have to take umbrage with the previous posting that it is ineffective.  Studies have shown little to nothing in the way of benefits.  Could that be because the GRANDDADDY pharmaceutical companies want to patent a plant? Therefore getting no rights to ownership and no ability to profit from it?  To date, there is one university to my knowledge that was given a grant to study cannabis and cancer.  The university of Mississippi was gifted a nominal amount of money to do the research. On the other hand, a man named Rick Simpson has successful treated and cured over 5,000 people and not only has not received a dime for research, his home country of canada has raided his operation and thereby forcing him to move to the UK.  It is worth noting the man has never charged anyone a dime!

I am making every effort to avoid a discussion about the benefits of cannabis oil vs the pharmaceutical companies.  There is more than enough evidence  to put forth a substantive argument.  That is not the purpose of this post.  But I do want to ask where do you think these mammouth companies would be on cannibas if they could profit from it?

On a more personal note, I want to share what you might expect while undergoing your treatment.  While it begins with tiny, tiny doses, they are to be slightly increased every 4-6 days.  The protocol is to injest 60 grams over 90 days.  There is a very fine balance as your tolerance begins to build to injest more than your body (mind) is ready for.  I took 4 gm in the morning and 6 at night when I maxing it. There were several days where I may have accidentally taken a smidgen too much. It is very potent.  Aside from finding myself in a great state of mind, I had 2 occasions where I left my job (i'm a salesman) because I realized that I had no business speaking with anybody.  Between injestions you will likely feel fine, functional and normal. Don't be fooled. Ask those closest to you how you are being percieved.  My live in partner expressed regularly, and not in a mean way that I sometimes appeared stupid.  I guess thats one of the possible side effects. I on thenother hand felt fine, normal and quite pleasant.

It is further worth noting that after running out of flomax for a few days, I had no loss in my urine stream. Flomax was a necessary nightly regimen.  A week went by without taking it and now im into my 3rd month with no urinary ussues and without flomax.


I believe in the Rick Simpson case studies and there results.  I dont trust the AMA or the Ametican Cancer Institute as it relates to the medical benefits of cannibas oil.  It will do nothing to advance their money and enhance their profits. 

I will revisit this post from time to time and keep things abreast.  In the meantime, if you are a prostate cancer sufferer, I wish uou only the bst whatever line if treatment you choose.   Gd bless!

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thank you for your post and for you having the balls to post it.  I have studied this matter, inclulding Rick Simpson and have his book which is available on Amazon.  I would to Cannibis in a minute, but I cannot get the oil here in the Philippines.I, too, am not a fan of the pharmaceutical industry and often question the ethics of promising patients help with drugs that are very highly toxic, can cost more than $5000 a treatment, and, in the end, only offer life extension an average of 4 extra months.  There are certainly wonderful drugs available thru the Pharma industry that have done wonders for the life of mankind.  Equally, there are pharma scam drugs which have given false hope, toxic results and ended the lives of many people for the profit of doctors and the pharma industry.  

      Thank you for sharing an experience which may not be looked on favorably by all: howver, that are many who support you and have great interest in your progress.  Because of religion, there is great fear of death, and even great reluctance to live life to the fullest extent.  Celebrate your life, celebrate your love, and, yes, even celebrate your illness and your death.  Whatever side your path takes you to, celebrate it all.  It is all perfect.  Love, Swami Rakendra  

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I met with my oncologist this week.  It has been 5 months since I stopped taking hormone injections.  My psa numbers are remaining steady.  The testosterone numbers are beginning to increase. While they have quadrupled since stopping the hormone injections, they are still at castration levels.  I am taking 1/2mg of cannabis oil for maintenance about once every two weeks. The next visit with my oncologist is in October.  I will keep this post updated as information becomes available. 

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You are a smart person.  How are you these days?  Did the hemp oil continue to work for you?  I believe all of the ordinary people with testimonials, that they tell the truth.  I used hemp oil and have one ultrasound which was done the very day I started the hemp oil-  I had three complex ovarian cysts at age 48, three weeks later all cysts were gone and one FIBROID was gone too!!!!  I have my medical purchasing history and my two ultrasounds.  The dates are very telling.


Please be encouraged.  I have a friend right now with Prostate cancer.  They are recommending hormone therapy.  I'm not in the business of telling anyone what to do, but it is a matter of record that Senator Oren Hatch stopped legislation which would have furthered Cannabis research. Why?  mmmmmm.... oncology departments going by the wayside...  people being healed by God's creation...  mmm...  no $$$...  

Please, any health practicioner who really cares about life... Until you study the full gamut to include research regarding hemp oil in a full capacity, you have absolutely no room to even comment.  If you get cancer (health professional), hopefully a loved one will care so that you DO research all the possibilties. 

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It is your life. You have the right to refuse established medical treatment, and run after an unproven pipe dream, however, I believe that  not pursuing established medical treatment as you are, in favor of of an unproven method by a high school drop out, Rick Simpson,  without medical training, to me is insane. .......Your cancer will most likely spread and at some point become untreatable. Others, like you ,   with various forms of cancer have treated outside the medical establishment, and have suffered dire consequences by not treating in a timely fashion.


I wish the best for you

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You, who doesn't list your name.  Please list those dire consequences...  List three people, by name who are willing to admit their case, three people who took hemp oil and had a bad result.. Please? Also, their contact info, of course, with the appropriate permissions...  I just don't believe you.

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Hopeful and Optimistic, like virtually everyone at this Board, used a screen name. The CSN Administrators here themselves recommend preserving one's privacy.  Forced to guess, I would dare say your own given name is not 'imsonya.'  Hopeful has been sharing with people here for many years, to the benefit of countless men.    

Hopeful owes you no names, or anything else. Like nearly 100% of the members here, we find only science-based assistance worth spending our time on, and no academically recognized study ever has suggested that hemp is curative of any type of cancer.  I have had more than one cancer, and done extreme, long-term chemo, and been in the cancer discussion for about 10 years now.  NO ONE I've ever met in any cancer forum had any interest whatsoever in being a stoner for fake "medical" reasons.  And I know all too well that pot is wholly un-needed, even for symptom control: all chemo nausea today is completely controllable with available, non-mind-altering meds. 

There are "internet" sites that will tell women how to get impregnated by alien beings, or how to time-travel.  Those are the sorts of sites I am NOT referring to.  I specified mainstream, academic and university oncological studies.   Pot has no demonstrated curative effect, ever.   I said "curative," note well; it may aid a bit in mood or whatever, but not better than other available drugs.

I do not write as an "anti-pot" individual; I actually feel it should be decriminalized.  So many clueless people drifiting through life without vaules, information, or direction need a cheap escape from reality, so I say: Let them have it.  I doubt it to be more (or less) harmful than alcohol.

But not under the guise of "medicine," which it is not.


(my real name, indicentally)

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I don't believe pot is a cure for cancer, BUT pot should have a big role in the treatment process. I know first hand, broke my hip years ago and of course was on all kinds of opiates. The only way I could eat anything was the help from pot. Fda is approving two real pot pills that will cost a fortune. I would like to point out max that not everyone is a hippie stoner, maybe you should try a very light dose, then decide if it was any benefit. It's not the fifties anymore, no such thing as reefer madness! Sounds like you are 100% anti pot and that is your right, but my state just legalized MEDICAL cannabis just like many other states. What about cbd for siezers, that has no medical value either? You are obviously very knowledgeable about pca and provide a great service to others on here, for that you have my respect, but on this issue I strongly and respectfully disagree. People that use pot have no values, most ignorant statement I think I've came across on this site.

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"list of cancer patients who refused treatment, and had hemp oil instead"




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Hi all,

Hemp oil to cure cancer? Could work, could not work.  I would not be willing to be the lab experiment and risk my life to prove it. Don't believe that the major drug companies are blocking hemp oil, if it did work the drug companies would be all over it.

A lot of people over the centuries have risked their lives trying various plants & minerals to cure a lot of different illnesses, some lived some did not.  I think that the established treatments are the way to go and would not advise anyone facing Prostate cancer to just take hemp oil.  It might change your mood a little and relax you but no evidence of a cure yet from any reputable establishment.  For imsonya I think what  Hopeful meant for dire consequences was death.  As a cancer survivor on "established" treatments by proven, high tech medical institutions and doctors I feel that's the way to go, but to each his own.



you who don't list your name(my name is really Dave, LOL)

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I don't have the faintest idea of what that might be...   but, i started smokeing pot in the 60's and sure enough i was dx with metastatic stage 4 prostrate cancer in 2017...   pot was $60/# back then between san diego &  Tucson...  now at $80 per 1/4 oz i enjoy an occasional toke to ease the effects of  docetaxel with lupron and xgeva, zytiga and prednisone...  good luck to all and have a nice month and may all your labs be good news...   ♥♥♥

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