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Thanks to you lovely ladies

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i can officially say I am post hysterectomy.  I got out of surgery at 5:30 pm.  i had Robotic surgery and everything went smoothly.  I haven’t been out of bed yet but I feel comfortable and pain is quit manageable - actually not bad.  I have to admit that I was really nervous before I found this forum but reading your posts really helped ease my anxiety and I went into surgery feeling confident.


i just had to give a shout out to you guys - I wish we weren’t in this situation but it is great to have a support system!

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Take good care of yourself as you heal. 

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Wishing you strength and healing! 

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I am so glad for you.  I am less than 2 weeks post op.  It's a tough surgery!!!  Get well fast!



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Let the healing begin!!!! Right after you get through the bloating and digestive issues that are sure to arise.  Whew! Here you go.


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Thanks! i thought I knew what bloating was but I was wrong.  Luckily I knew my belly would be swollen and wore a floppy dress and leggings to the hospital.  The leggings didn’t get worn on the way home.  

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It's sounding more and more like I should be finding those maternity-top pants on clearance ... HOPEFULLY I won't swell up past a nine-month pregnancy! Thank you for the tip. :)

Hope you make a wonderful recovery and be able to put this all behind you soon.

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Don’t wear jeans!  I took oversized pajamas too and they almost didn’t fit.  Buy a maternity belly binder.  It has been my best friend today.  Because of the bloat you have jelly belly and when you walk the wiggle hurts.  The belly binder stops the jiggle.  Another wonderful tip from this forum!


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Surgery is one step closer to “dancing with NED” no evidence of disease! The swelling and weight changes will all settle down with time. Each day is one day closer to NED....glad it went well for you! 


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glad the surgery went well! The post op challenges can be startling but they DO pass. 

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Doesn’t it feel good to know this part of treatment is behind you?  With the new DaVinci method, the recovery is much easier.  I do remember all the air. I think it took days to disappear.  Yuck!

This site is such a blessing to me too.  Others who have never had a diagnosis, such as ours, don’t quite understand what we go through mentally or physically.  I pop in on occasion.  It is so wonderful and comforting seeing many of the same women.  They are truly a blessing, encouragement, friendly, have great sense of humors, and are always available to support and answer even the awkward questions. I have learned so much here. It's kind of my safe place, when I feel alone on this journey. No one wants to be a downer to our freinds and family.

Be sure to follow the doctor’s orders, as to not set yourself back.  Hoping for a quick healing and a favorable biopsy result. Keep the group posted.

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After my surgery, I had very few side effects. I wore my sweat pants and t-shirt for a few days and then my jeans. I had no pain and diarrhea instead of constipation. I didn't need the shots to keep my blood from clotting since I bleed so easily. I could have gone back to work the next week of I would have had to. I couldn't believe how good I felt! Hopefully your post surgery will go the same way!!



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Good news I lost 8 pounds since yesterday.  The night sweats were horrible!  I was hoping those would be over.  I was determined to be strong and not take the Percocet - that resolve lasted about six hours after getting home.  Thebfear of the unknown is definitely worse than a little pain.  Even the golden retriever senses it and is being pretty gentle with me which is a miracle in itself!

The ladies waiting on your hysterectomy I can attest you will feel much better mentally once it is over.  the good news is (at least for me) they used a local anesthesia so that when I came out of general anesthesia  I was totally pain-free for at least 8 hours.  I wasn’t expecting this little bonus and it was great!  You might was to question your doctor to see if he/she does the same!

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Keep smiling...

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Glad it's over and went well! Best wishes for continued healing.

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I hope you are feeling better Mugs...I've been busy with work so I am way behind on reading how everyone is doing...

hope the gas and bloating are behind you...glad you got the local to help with the pain...I had that after my hernia repair and it made a big difference...they did it for my hysterectomy but since mine was open they did catherters with meds that stayed in for a few days...miracle stuff...


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Thanks I am feeling pretty good!  Decided to forgo the Percocet today but finally broke down and took a dose and gasX.  Everything I eat causes gas pain and Super Bowl Food - although delicious - isn’t appropriate.  The good news is that I have lost a few pounds.  I hope to keep it up.  This is the first day I have spent out of bed.  The bone numbing tiredness have caught me off-guard.  I never nap during the day but I am taking several naps a day.  I also thought I could do some binge watching TV during the down time but found my concentration isn’t there.

the hospital gave me a list of all the drugs I got during surgery.  It was 2 pages of drugs.  I think it is taking time for it to leave my system.  I did try to do some work yesterday and today - lack of concentration didn’t help.  I am going to try and work at least 4hours tomorrow.

on the other hand the golden retriever is loving his new lazy mom:-)

To The new ladies awaiting their hysterectomies it is going to be so much better afterwards!  The waiting for the surgery was the hard part - this part Is a breeze and who doesn’t love a nap in the afternoon without guilt!


Thanks again for checking on me!

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Hysterectomy was a blessing for me. I felt so much better! My friends noted the immediate Change. My color returned and pain disapated. I only wish I could have had the surgery before my daughter’s wedding.

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