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Just sharing my good news, 1 year of NED after stage IV

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I just heard back from my last PET scan yesterday and I am now officially 1 year NED. WOO! I made it past my first hurdle!

Like everyone on here, I think I've had all the chemo and surgery I care to have. For now I think I will just keep doing what I've been doing, and try to stay NED.

For anyone else who is stage IV as well, I hope you can get to NED as well. People beat cancer every day. Why not you too? Good luck, and I hope success finds you all.


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What wonderful news to wake up to. 

And I get to play with my Happy Dancing Man early, to share my joy at hearing your news. 

May you see many more years NED. 


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Wow Thomas, that is just super awesome and terrific news! I'm so happy for you. I pray that you have continued good health and success through all this. Truly amazing!

Big hug from me...


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Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations! Smile



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Wonderful news!! 

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What great news.  Enjoy the NED!!!!!

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may you always be NED

All the best


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That is wonderful news. Thank you for sharing that. Time to celebrate.

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Best news, you give me  hope!  I read your bio and will start my husband on some of the supplements you mentioned.  He has completed 10 chemo txs, two more to go.  Will then have CT scan to see how things are. He has Stage IV colon CA, mets to liver, lung, peritoneum.  So far he has responded well to tx, sites are shrinking.  He's very positive but beginning to get scared with the thoughts of what's next. So glad that everything is working well for you and pray it continues so. 

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats Thomas! 


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Congratulations!! We all need the good stories and hope!

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Congrats on your amazing news. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I take similar supplements, am taking Vitamin C intravenously, and have begun mistletoe injections this year. I appreciate you mentioning the importance of positivity. I am trying my best to be positive through all this. 

Best wishes and prayers for your continued good health!

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I've done some reading on both of those, but I have not found a source near me yet. I would be interested in hearing about your experience and success with those if you care to share.


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