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33 year old

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I am a 33 year old who was in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago. while in the er they found something wrong with my prostate all they would tell me was i had to see a urologist. I finnaly got the radiology report and it said: "small mediastinal and bilateral hilar lymphnodes. residual thymis tissue in the anterior mediastinum...scattered subcentimeter retroperitoneal ans central mesenteric lymph nodes with out lymphadenopathy or mass... mildly prominet prostate. mildly prominent seminal vesciles with an indeterminate low-attenuation lesion at 2.9 sm in the left seminal vescle." Does anyone know what this means. The docs at the er would tell me anything but go to the urologist. and i am having trouble getting a referal to one through my insurence.  i dont know of anyt family histopry because we dont talk about that sort of thing. I haven't even had a PSA test. My wife and I are kinda freaked out because of Dr. Google. Any advice would be appreceated!

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When you were in the ER, they did a CT scan of your pelvic region.  The results refer to a set of mildly enlarged lymph nodes and  a spot (lesion) on  a seminal vesicle.  Most of the verbage is describing where the nodes are located. The seminal vesicles are small glands behind the prostate that sort of wrap around the bladder, like a pair of wings.  "Lymphadenopathy" is a generic term for an enlarged lymph node.  The term by itself does NOT suggest any cause.

Many things make lymph nodes enlarge, but overwhelmingly the cause is infection.

Nothing in your report seems terribly ominous or cause for alarm. Absolutely see a urologist, but the data so far does not suggest Prostate Cancer (PCa) or Lymphoma.  And PCa in a guy your age is virtually unheard of.  Even at 45, PCa is rare, very rare.

The most dangerous element in your report is the motorcycle. If you are copncerned about heath or a long life, the bike is where to start.  Either that or Google -- which makes idiots out of otherwise intelligent people.  Google is never a good place for medical information.  Use only unuiversity medical sites: places like Johns Hopkins or MD Anderson Cancer Center.  But nothing in your report thus far suggest cancer.


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The medical term for the most common form of prostate cancer is adenocarcinoma. Fortunately, that word isn't in the report you provided. Moreover, I don't think (!) that prostate cancer can be diagnosed from the type of scan that you got. And finally, as Max already pointed out, it would be extremely rare for a 33-year old to have prostate cancer. Nevertheless, do see a urologist to translate/explain the report.

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As the ER doctors told you, go see a urologist so he can look into this further.  What kind of health insurance do you have that you can't see a Urologist?  If your insurance is making it hard for you to see a Urologist then you are in a lot of trouble if you have to see other doctors if it is something serious.

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thanks guys

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at 33 lol u probably dont go to the dr much unless its the emergency room....do u have a GP u see..GP meaning plain ole dr  for colds flu if u feel sick..if u have one go se him and he will refer u to a urologist,,if u dont have a dr  get one lol..dont deal direct with the insurance they arfe AHOLES....dont worry bro u are probably most likely OK...u dont even need a urologist if u have a Dr tell him to prder a blood test and check your PSA...that will tell u if u need to see a urologist or not

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