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I HAD Uterine Cancer!

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Hi Ladies, my Pathology report came back.  Doctor called this morning right after I got out of bed.


I already HAD uterine cancer.  What was this pre cancer, atypical endometrial hyperplasia stuff the gynocologist told me I had.?????


He said the report shows a very early cancer.  And no further treatment is needed.  I know this is good news and thank you to everyone who prayed for me.  But I think I will switch gynocologists.  She sat there after the D/C biopsy and said "no cancer."  I had cancer all along.


He also said "you're lucky you had that hysterectomy."  And in 20 percent of women diagnosed with Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia, uterine cancer is already there.  So i am thankful what God has given me and answered my prayers.

He also told me there is a small percent chance of a reoccurance.  I asked him "how could that be?"  Afterall, I have no uterus, no cervix, no ovaries, no fallopian tubes.  He said we would discuss that on January 30 at my post operative appointment.


This has made me look at my life very differently.  I never thought this would happen to me.   Now I will continue to make my promise to God.  I am going to work with Refugees here locally.  Teaching them to read, help them do their homework, and organize the food pantry and their clothing that is donated.  (My Art of the Deal) I made with God.

And just because I am "lucky," doesn't mean I will leave here because I am the "cancer survivor."


xoxoxo to all









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I'm so glad you got such a "good" report and that you don't need to do anything else!

Don't be mad at your ob/gyn -  unless it's done differently down there (I presume you are in the US), it's the pathologist who does the tests on the biospy samples and sends a report to the surgeon. Scary, though. Unless I misunderstood him, my ob/gyn said if I have hyperplasia and it's pre cancer, I'd have to have a mirena IUD. (even tho I told him no)

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I know this is a big relief -- I am so happy for you!  The pathology report came back fast.  I hope mine comes back as quickly! 

My gyno diagnosed me with Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia from the biopsy.  The cells were abnormal but it took the D&C and Hystoscopy to confirm cancer.  The Hyperplasia is an enlarged uterus and after the sonogram the uterus wasn't enlarged but I did have fibroids so I hopeful it wasn't cancer after the sonogram.  The D&C confirmed that it was cancer.  Scary world we have found ourselves in! 

The ladies here are definitely making this journey less scary and unknown -- thanks again!

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That is excellent news, Karen. I hope you're going to celebrate as best you can right now!

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such great news sweetie!

that is wonderful....so glad you got it all out!


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Fantastic, so happy for you! I am amazed your pathology report came back so quickly. 

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That is great news you got Karen.  



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There is always a chance of a reccurence. Some of us have a higher percentage than others, and Thank God yours is a very low one. Smile But I think that somehow, we need to get on with the business of living, and it seems that you're on-target to get on with that. Congrats! And congrats that your pathology report came back quickly with GOOD news. Too often, when you get results quickly, your heart can sink before you hear the results, because it seems that in the medical profession, bad news appears to come out much faster than the good stuff. 

Hope you'll be rocking those skinny jeans soon!


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Karen, Many of us have kept you in our prayers and are thrilled for grace and blessing of your great pathology report. You will never look at life again through the same eyes! So now you will pursue helping others using your gifts that you have been given. You go girl!!! 


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What makes you ladies ALL so beautiful?  Your hearts ad spirits.  Thank you so much.  I am going to continue to post here because in some way if I can, I want to be supportive and help all of you.  I don't understand it all like chemo and radiation, but I am HERE for support in any way possible.

It's been a rocky road (not ice cream) for me since November 17 and now I find myself on the other side of the rainbow and it's going to be a rainbow.  I have so many calls to make.  So many people and good people, praying for me.  Darn, my favorite Priest is out of town until next week.  He will be thrilled that all that holy water he put on me worked out.

I turn 60 years old tomorrow.  Now I can think about doing my hair, God, it's turned so gray.  And maybe a little Restylane or something.

For my birthday, my husband is buying me a crystal crucifix.  It's on order now, can't wait to get it next week.

Please know I AM HERE FOR ALL OF YOU.  I love you all.!



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Great news! When I had my biopsy, my initial diagnosis was stage 1, grade 1. My CA125 was only 12. After surgery my gynecologist oncologist said cancer was more than she thought but solid stage 1 cancer. Then pathology report said stage3a, grade 2. So until the pathology report comes back we never know for sure. 

I'm glad you don't need further treatment!

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Reading your story sounds like mine ack in 2011.  The D&C said cancer cells.  The pathology report said carcinoma sarcoma (MMMT)  Gyn Onc Dr said could not state what stage or gade until after open surgery, everything removed and then the pathology report issued.  The tumor in the utuerus was stage 1A with 1/4 into the lining.  No biggy.  But there were two cells in one lymph node so it went up to Stage 3C.  But MMT is a grade 3 cancer.  Best of luck to you in your journey.  by the way I am 6 1/2 years of dancing with NED so it is doable.  trish

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my hopes for you to get the best news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Karen,

thanks so much for sharing your great news! May you have many more wonder birthdays ahea. Celebrate fabulously!

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thanks JinVa!!!  I appreciate it!

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Hello Salty or Karen,

Congratulations to you! You have been on my mind and so glad you have a good health report! I went through similar events and it's such a relief to get it all done. 

Love Weeser1, Louise

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I had uterine cancer 2 years ago rare and aggressive I did not do chemo or radiation. I did it naturally.  Just the last 2 months I started to get burning on my right foot I have a lump and went to foot doctor he said I have fluid in it. Was wondering if this has anything to do with the cancer I had or something else it hasn’t gone away

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