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Stomach Cancer Stage 4

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Hi All,

I wish this finds you in good health & spirit. My father is diagnosed with Stomach Cancer Stage 4. The speciality hospitals refused for Surgery and the only suggested solution was to provide Chemotherapy. But we are afraid to do so as our relatives never suggested for the same as it will kill the patient with all side effects and illness.
Hence we decided to go for a palliative approach and presently providing an ayurvedic medicine. But so far no response and no improvements. He got diagnosed by 24th April 2010. The doctors said it is very difficult for Stage 4 and metastatsized to liver. Now, he is unable to take Food and only liquid food intake.
Dears, please advice me a better treatement during this stage. I need my father for some more Syed.

Cindy Bear
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Hello Syedindia. I am so sorry to hear your father is so ill. I understand how you feel about chemotherapy. My mother was diag with Stage IV uterine cancer last year and passed away 4 mos. into treatment. They said she wasn't a candidate for surgery up front. I didn't want her to have chemo, if it would have been up to me, I would have talked her out of it. In her case, the cancer was too far advanced and the chemo didn't buy her anytime and certainly not quality of life. My Brother in law was diag. with Stage IV esoph. cancer same day. He was told up front he was terminal . He's still alive 15 mos. later. He had very aggressive chemo and radiation and a stent put in to try to keep the esoph. open. He is nearing the end and sleeps most of the time. He told his wife, he doesn't regret any of the treatments. In his case, he feels they bought him time and maybe they did. Everyone is different, every cancer is different. Incidentally his mother, was also just recently diag. with Stomach cancer, Stage IV. Because of her age, 83, she has opted not to take any treatment, just let nature run it's course. The problem with alternative medicine is it doesn't have a proven track record. There's no money to be made in herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables etc. You've probably heard that berries, dark chocolate, wine, broccoli, onions, garlic etc etc are all good for cancer. But can they cure it? The "experts" say you cannot treat cancer with nutrition. You need toxic treatments and scans. I will pray that you find the answers and that your father can have more time.

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad...I can say that I know how you feel because my dad also has stage 4 stomach cancer. He was diagnosed last July. It had spread to the lymph nodes of his stomach and his neck. He started a very aggressive form of chemo for nearly 8 months with some breaks here and there, but it finally started to take him down so they changed the dosage slightly and he is still responding extremely well! The Dr said in his 15 years of practice he has never seen someone respond so well to the chemo! It has been nearly one year and the cancer is gone from the lymph nodes and the tumor in his stomach has shrunk drastically. We are so blessed that this has worked...so in my opinion, if you haven't done anything yet, try the chemo, but most of all, have FAITH and PRAY, that works better then ANY kind of medicine. I will say a prayer tonight for your father.
Many blessings!

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Hayden0902, I have stage 4 stomach cancer and just did 6 mo. of chemo (EOX) that did not work, it is still spreading. I would greatly appreciate the names of the type of chemo your dad took. Thanks in advance.

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I would love to know what Chemo meds your dad was put on and the dosage of then that helped him. Thanks

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HI Hayden0902 . thanks for the post.

can you please name the chemo given to your father.

Please dont take me wrong.

In my fathers case chemo did not work at all.

Ihate chemo being given to stage 4 cancer patients.

I will give the names of chemo drugs given to my father,


Hayden0902 please give us the names of chemo drugs given to your father.

Will appreciate your kind gesture.

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Hi! Hope things are going better for you and your family. I am a 70 year old female who was diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer in November, 2009, with spread to my liver, esophagus, and lymph nodes. Surgery was not an option, and the surgeon told me that there is "zero percent chance of a cure." I did what anyone would do under the circumstances: went home, got into bed, and didn't get out for two weeks! Finally I decided that starving to death was not an option either, so went back in and DEMANDED a referral to an oncologist. He got me on chemo, first treatment on 12/9, and every three weeks thereafter, with six treatments planned. The chemo was Oxaliplatin and Epirubicin, with oral Xeloda added once I could swallow the pills. I had not been able to eat solid food since late November, but could eat some soft foods by January, and by February I could eat pretty much anything. The CT in March, after the 6th treatment, showed the tumor mass in my stomach was gone, as were the mets to the liver, esophagus and lymph nodes. We decided on two "insurance chemo's" in April and May, and since then I have been on 1,000 mgs. per day of oral Xeloda.

I was terrified of chemo and hated the idea of putting that poison into my body, but the side effects I had were actually quite minor - terrible fatigue for about a week afterwards, some diarrhea for the first couple of days, and numbness in my hands and feet for about 10 days. I vomited exactly once, and, of course, went bald. At the beginning of chemo, I weighed 89 pounds and as I said, couldn't eat anything but broth. I was using a walker, and could not get in or out of the tub without help. I now weigh 102, eat a full diet of small meals (but lots of them), and maintain a totally normal life-style - with a lot of extra cooking and baking thrown in. I do not know how long this remission will last, but I have had a wonderful summer with family and friends, and am looking forward to a Holiday season that will be WAY better than last year's! Please don't be afraid of chemo - everyone is different, and some of us do well on it, but we will never know unless we try. I go to the treatment center every month for lab work and to get my port flushed, take two pills a day, and see my doctor every other month. It's a great life, and even though I was scared of chemo, I am so glad I went ahead with it. Every day with my precious husband and family is well worth the bald head! God bless and keep you.

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So glad I can read a happy story about this terrible disease 

 Can you let me know what hospital and dr you used? My mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 stomach and liver cancer and being treated at sloan 


Hope your still enjoying a happy and healthy life 

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hello..i am amirah..i am new here..and i am medical student who had done research on nutrition and cancer..i suggest your father to drink milk goat for a month as a trial.. if he had lactose intolerance,,,u may prepare dilute goat milk..2 times per day is ok..then go check up..and if the cancer have gone away..take herbalife to gain weight and enough nutrient..

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hello..i am amirah..i am new here..and i am medical student who had done research on nutrition and cancer..i suggest your father to drink milk goat for a month as a trial.. if he had lactose intolerance,,,u may prepare dilute goat milk..2 times per day is ok..then go check up..and if the cancer have gone away..take herbalife to gain weight and enough nutrient..

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Hi amirah. Is goat milk good for all type of cancer patients, actually my sister has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and she is currently on chemotherapy.  Please reply

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Faizan Raza Khan
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Dear All Doctors,My name is Faizan I am from Pakistan my brother is 65 plus year pld & he is suffreing from stomch cancer & he is at fourth stage as per Aga khan report, Here in Pakistan all doctors neither suggested for operte nor suggested for chemo, he is getting lose his weight day by day & we canyt do any thing for him.

I would request you please suggest us  & share you email i would request you share my borther report that give suggestion regarding this.


Best REgards,

Faizan Raza Khan




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I am from Yemen but currently live and work in Saudi Arabia. My brother who is in Yemen has been diagnosed with Gastri cancer- stage 4. We flew to Egypt to get better treatment and there he was put on XELOX ( XELODA+OXIPLATIN). Results of CT scan done last Sunday showed that tumer size has not siginifacntly changed but no more lymphs which is a good sign. Most likely 4 more cycles will be given. We are hopeful especially since he had gained weight and looks well. Also, he goes for walks. As for side effects, after the first cycle, he threw up a lot but he didnt have vomitting issues after the second cycle. However, after the third one, he threw up once. During the fourth cycle, his hands have become reddish and he felt nubness in them. The doctor reduced the dose to 4 xeloda tablets a day rather 6 ( 3 +3).

What's next?

Thanks and wish you all good mental and physical health.

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Sorry  to hear this, I pray no one should suffer with Cancer. It's very painful, 

My sister got stage 4 stomach cancer after 5years  recovering from  HL, surgery has also done, now she is receiving inj Pacilitexan(chemo).

What more I can do to make her feel better.. 

Wish you all healthy life 

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