how many of you have had decent scans then the next one shows progrssion?  i came back from LA after twice a month treatments (total 12) relatively stable and started the partial remission? routine of 5fu and erbitux but after three treatments local doc told me she was giving me a 3 session break without the pump just erbitux...i asked about having a scan was told no and never was put back on the chemo,just erbitux...after four months 0f treatment w/o a scan the pt showed liver spots doubled and suv am going to have another liver biopsy and no treatment til further notice...anyone have this kind of thing happen?


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    No, I’ve been lucky...

    I will be having a PET/CT tomorrow morning.

    My first scan  after surgery showed no cancer, just a small lighted area presumed to be fatty tissue and inoperable.

    After six months of Xeloda and Oxaliplatin my scan was clear. Six months later I had some rectal bleeding, had it biospied it was cancer and went back on Xeloda and Avastin.

    My next scan showed and enlarged thyroid, had a Fine Needle Biopsy which came back inconclusive, had a second one with gene analysis  which came back 40% suspicious.

    If my thyroid grows I will consider surgery.

    My scans have shown no progression or spread. I’ll go over the results Friday.

    Good Luck 



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    I just finished 8 rounds of IV chemo...have repeat MRI scheduled 01/29/18. Will be interesting to see results on this one...fingers crossed...will keep you posted.
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    After my treatment I had scans every three months. Nine months out, a tumour appears in my liver, 2 cm, so not a small one. 

    What stage are you? 


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    Stage IV and no scans.

    I have sked my Oncologist to drop my scans to once a year becasue of finances, but he says no.  

    Come to think of it, it was my CEA jumping and a PET Scan that showed my liver tumour. The CT scan missed it altogether, even though it was a good size.

    I am sure your Oncologist has a handle on it, but it never hurts to question even the best of them until you get an answer that satisfies.