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AARP E-mail

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For those of you who are AARP members, be sure to see the e-mail AARP sent last night.  The title of it is about 12 must-read books for 2018, but within it, there is an article about how "the FDA has approved the first gene-profiling test for this disease," which when I looked into it, turned out to be cancer.  Foundation One is mentioned.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are proposing covering the testing.  I had the Foundation One testing done this past July. 

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I just read it after reading about ten other articles (I'm easily distracted - LOL).  That really sounds promising.  If and when I have a recurrence, I'm going to ask for testing.  Thanks for the heads up!!!



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Joined: Feb 2013

You're very welcome.  It may or may not do any good, depending on what your mutations are.  I had 6 and there were no drugs listed by Foundation One for my particular mutations that were known to work on UPSC, but four of my mutations had drugs that worked on other types of cancers.  Foundation One didn't specify what those other cancers were.   

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