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New diagnosis, questions about diet

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My dad was recentely diagnosed with Carcinomatosis Peritonei (HCC), Stage 4 with origins from the appendix. Prior to this, he was an active, and healthy 66 year old man. In September, he started experiencing pain in his stomach and three different physicians thought he was suffering from constipation and colonoscopy came back normal. As a result of the misdiagnosis, he became severely malnourished and by December, when a cat scan and laparoscopy was performed, he was diagnosed. 

During the laparoscopy, a feeding tube was placed and over 6 liters of ascites was removed. He drinks about 5 Ensure Enlive a day and tries to eat food but it either fills up too quickly or causes severe acid reflux. He's had acid reflux/GERD for years but the ascites seems to be making it even worse. Has anyone else experience this and is there anything else people eat or drink to build up their strength and doesn't cause the acid reflux?


For long term case, we live close to the Cleveland Clinic so he's meeting with an Oncologist next week to discuss chemo treatment. HIPEC has been discussed once they shrink the tumor. 


I appreciate any advice and suggestions. Much love!

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I had peritoneal mets from Appendix Cancer, and the only reason I'm here today (10+ years later) is that I was seen and treated by an Appendix Cancer specialist.  I go to Dr. Paty at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.  Your dad may have to travel.  

Cleveland Clinic, while superb, might not have the expertise he needs. Ask now many cases of Appendiceal Cancer they have treated.  He needs someon who knows exactly what they are looking for.  PM me with questions.


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