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First scan after surgery

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I was due for my first post op scan February 5th, but I got it moved up to January 22nd. Just yesterday I got a sudden uncomfortable feeling under my rib cage by my left kidney the only one left. I called the Dr today. It doesn’t hurt just uncomfortable feeling. My anxiety and stress are already through the roof. Every ache every pain my mind wanders. I’ll get the scan results on the 23rd. Hoping to put some stress and anxiety to ease after this scan.

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Those feelings you are having are completely normal.  I think it was a good move to move your scans up a little.  Peace of mind is priceless.  I'm hopeful you have good results.

Take care,


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That feeling is usually called scanxiety, we all went thru it.





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I bet you've actually had that feeling before but just never paid as much attention to it as you are now.  It could just be IBS, a sore muscle, or even trapped gas, and your mind is concentrating on it and making it feel worse since you are anxious.  Have you eaten something different?  Have you done a different activity that could have caused it?  As someone with IBS, it sounds like feelings that I have everyday.  I know it's easier said than done, but take a few deep breaths and know that you are okay.

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Has anyone ever had a kidney stone after their surgery? I’ve never had one in my life. The Dr thinks it might be a kidney stone with the pain and areas it’s effecting. Any thoughts?

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I hope everything comes back normal and alm is well.

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Right now I have a toothache and I'm thinking jawbone cancer. I haven't had my first scan yet. I know how you feel. We feel this way because we're still traumatized. This may lady awhile if you're a worrier like me.

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especially for that gorgeous  little  cutie you are holding

The fear is terrible...and very damaging 

My op was in Sept and I am still getting lots of referred pain and headaches... had an ultrasound and nothing there

the horrible thing about this disease is that your mind never catches up with your body

are you getting much pain on your right side




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I’ll have a pain shoot through my right side every now and then. The discomfort I was feeling yesterday wasn’t as bad today. I have titanium pins in each of my hips from hip surgery years back. They ache when it’s cold out. Before my dx I wouldn’t think twice about the pain now I worry.

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Bay Area Guy
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The first scan is always the hardest.  I had to take a Xanax to get through mine.  It has gotten a little easier as time passes, but the scanxiety that ice talked about up above is always there.  Best wishes for great results.


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The reason of this new pain is probably anxiety, don't worry, you're stage 1, the scan report will be NED

Take care



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