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Oasis of Hope

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If you’re considering Oasis of Hope hospital, my advice to you is too go at your own risk.
My brother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, went there with high hopes and good spirits.
While there he encountered a language barrier problem and a delayed response for pain medication which was finally administered after he paid an extra charge.
He arrived home, with no particular instructions as to his care- We admitted him because of his condition the next day to our hospital in California and as I’ve stated before, he died 4 days later.
After a certified letter, 3 Emails, and numerous phone calls to Oasis, I have received no response at all to my questions, not even a condolence card or letter.
Please note that the answer to my brother’s original inquires about Oasis were answered within 24 hours with a phone call from the staff.
Since then—Nothing!!
Ultimately, it seems that money takes precedence over the care and responsibility due the patients at Oasis.
I feel that Dr. Contreras and his staff have acted in a very unprofessional manner and lack the common courtesy which should be expected from a Doctor and his staff!

The following certified letter was sent to Dr. Contreras following the death of my brother three days after returning from Oasis Hospital.
In the following months many phone calls to the doctor’s assistants took place. After being assured that his case was being evaluated, we still have received no response from either him or my brother’s doctors.
Please read this letter before making any decision to seek treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital.

Dr. Contreras,

I’m writing on behalf of my brother Michael Beatty who was a patient at your hospital from July 26th thru Aug.5th. His daughter Shawn Menezes accompanied him as his companion.
He was admitted with Stage 4 Lung Cancer which had spread to several areas of his body. He tried to complete your program, but was unable to swallow most of the nutraceuticals during his last week—He had such hope and tried so hard!
He came home on Aug.5th and on Aug.6th we rushed him to the Emergency Ward at St.Agnes Hospital in Fresno, Ca.
He was immediately diagnosed with Pneumonia (food in his lungs) and we were told that there was little to no hope. He died on Aug.10th, having gained consciousness for only one day leading up to that time.
During his stay at Oasis his first several days went OK, but by the second week things began to go very wrong. He couldn’t eat or swallow well, had a lot of pain and suffered from both constipation and trouble urinating.
This occurred over the weekend and very little was done except to implant a Catheter and give him water enemas. By Monday his pain was excruciating and his doctor (Dr. Lagos) would not increase his morphine! He was told that only the Pain Specialist could do that.
My brother (Mike) and Shawn asked that some tests be given to see what was wrong (maybe just a simple blockage) before he saw the Pain Specialist.
A Pelvic X-Ray and Cat Scan were performed—these had not yet been done and its now late into the second week of treatment! The results were late in coming, but he was eventually told that it was the Cancer that was causing the pain. Another day passed before the Pain Specialist could see him and then finally more morphine was given!
Was this suffering and subsequent delay necessary?
During this time there was also a language barrier problem in trying to relate my brother’s symptoms to both the nurses and Dr. Lagos. Things had to be repeated several times and even then there was a question as to whether Shawn or my brother was really understood. Again, I feel the language barrier was a critical issue!
As all of this was occurring Shawn (his daughter) was still trying to give my brother the nutraceuticals and Dr. Lagos kept encouraging her to do so. She called me several times in tears as he couldn’t eat and could barely swallow!
Why had Dr. Lagos not realized (because of the swallowing problem) that something else was wrong—that perhaps the food was not going down as it should and just maybe was going into his lungs? As far as we know he was not given a Chest X-Ray which might have shown this. If not, isn’t Pneumonia and this type of complication something to watch for in Stage 4 Lung Cancers? Shouldn’t some of these problems have been anticipated?
All and all I don’t feel that my brother Mike was given the kind of care that should have been available in your hospital. He had Stage 4 Cancer and his needs were plainly not addressed. All that seemed to matter was that he got the IRT Therapy and hope that nothing else was to go wrong.
When my brother arrived at Oasis he could walk, was in good spirits and excited about your program.
When I picked him up at the border (11 days later) he could not walk without assistance and was sent home with a catheter still attached! It was obvious to me that he was much worse than when I brought him down. I believe that this was due to some of the complications that happened when he was in your care—lack of diagnosis of Pneumonia, no Chest X-Ray, delay in pain management, and the language barrier. He was in a “stupor” during most of our 8 hour drive home.
Why didn’t Dr. Lagos order that he go directly to a hospital when he arrived home? We even called him (Dr. Lagos) that night and told him that my brother was very sick and only semi-conscious! Dr Lagos just said to keep giving him the nutraceuticals but to reduce them by 1/3. Clearly he did not understand the problem and had not even considered Pneumonia--5 days later my brother died!
Dr. Contreras, I do realize that in dealing with cancer patients, things do not always go as planned. However, I would hope that over the many years that you and your father have treated these patients it would become imperative that these needs be addressed promptly and that needless suffering be avoided.
I do want you to know that I still believe in your program of IRT Therapy-- ie.”Boosting the immunity of one’s own body to fight the cancers.” I would definitely consider coming to Oasis myself if I were in the earlier stages of this terrible disease. However, I would like to see that some of the above issues mentioned, were to be addressed and corrected.
I would hope that some compensation would be sent back to the family as my brother could not complete some of the treatment.
We are also sending back the unopened containers of the nutraceuticals of which the money, we were told would be refunded.
Please let us know that you have received this letter personally—thank you for taking the time to read it. We look forward to your timely response.

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I don't think i would go there after reading what your Dad went through, no i know wouldn't.......

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darn tootin'! what the heck are'nutraceuticals' anyhow?

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Where the heck is that? sounds just plain awful! hope you get some satisfaction

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sounds like it is in Mexico. (language barrier) I've heard plenty of people search for treatment in Mexico, but I don't know the statistics.

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Why would someone do that? Does your insurance work there? Get real

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The same thing happened to my Husband he got to where he couldnt swallow, they took his blood,  when we got back to out regular hospital, he had to have a blood transfusion we were suppose to make 3 trips and he would be cured from lung cancer, we only made 2, we payed 50 thousand dollars, this is just not fair, my husband went over therein good spirits, he started droping wait like you wouldnt believe, well he couldnt eat that crap, castus, drinking alvacado juice,carrot juice, it made him sick and 70 pills a day he was taking. He really believed in them he died within 2 months, doctors over there 20 years old havent even had time to go to college ,there is no way they are old enough to be surgeons, they said dr contreas has several homes and maids because he has made so much money,come on he is the doctor there, the owner of the hospital, and the preacher st the hospital, smart man,i dont see how he can live with his self doing this to people, the people that were there in 2007 walking around asking you what kind of cancer you have, they are still there today ,telling you they got cured from cancer there , Wonder how much they are getting paid to do that, CRAZY IS ALL CAN SAY, I COULD OF HAD MY HUSBAND PROBABLY ANOTHER YEAR ARE MORE IF WE WOULDNT HAVE WENT THERE, AND HE WAS SO SCARED HE DIDNT EVEN NO THEY WERE A SCAM, THAT IS WHAT REALLY MAKES ME SICK HE WASNT BUT 62 YEARS OLD, ITS A SHAME WE CANT DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS, BUT THATS THE WAY IT GOS HE WILL GET HIS ONE OF THESE DAYS 3 PEOPLE DIED WHILE I WAS THERE JUST THAT I HAD BEEN TALKING TO NO TELLING HOW MANY REALLY DIED WHILE I WAS THERE ,THANKS FOR LISTENING ,HOPE YOU TAKE TIME TO READ IT AND THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU GO THERE , SINCERLY DEBBIE              

Tina G
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I am very sorry for your loss.... 

I would share some positive feedback about the place here again, but it has been already posted below....

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Thank you. There is a special circle in Hell for greedy drs like these.

Tina G
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I have to share the positive experience.

We just came from the second round of treatment and pretty happy that we found this place for cancer treatment. My mother with endometrial cancer and metastasis in liver and lungs felt very good after the first session in October of 2016. She went for the follow up session in January of 2017 for only a week with CT showing shrinkage in all large tumors for about 30% in volume. Isn't it incredible? After only 3 months of gentle treatment and no chemo therapy at all.... That is the miracle from our God Jesus and terrific treatment at Oasis of Hope!


As for the carrot juice that someone mentioned earlier, they don't even allow carrots in the patient's diet as it is full of sugar. I can talk for hours about benefits from the treatment, the hospital and Dr. Contreras and have nothing negative to say. And, by the way, nobody paid me as you mentioned.

I would suggest some research about the credentials of Dr. Contreras as he is world known oncologist with number of books written before making comments about his professionalism. He as well as Dr. Cecena are both with more than 30 years of experience as oncologists each. So, the information posted above is not correct saying all doctors there are within their twenties…. As for the language barrier, that is obliviously they all speak Spanish and definitely are not perfect in English. I don’t remember any question that we asked and it hasn’t been answered– everything was understood and well explained in English. I wish to speak the Spanish the way the hospital’s staff speaks in English. If someone needs 100% perfect English, they should stay here, in the U.S., and be treated in the local hospitals paying as three times as much!

I am open to share more detailed information and have only positive feedback if someone is interested…

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Hello Tina, 

We are currently considering Oasis of Hope and I wanted to reach out to you to ask for some more info after seeing your comment was so recent, as opposed to those posted 6 years ago.


I would be glad to private message but not sure how to..

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That's funny that you say they don't allow carrots in the patient's diet at Oasis of Hope. I have a friend who just got back from her first round of treatment there. Even before she got there, and through her stay to now they have her drinking something like 40 ounces of homemade carrot juice a day! Apparently they believe carrots have all kinds of great cancer fighting properties. I am skeptical to say the least, but of course hoping for the best because I want her to live! She is only 37 years old and has Stage 3 breast cancer. She is married with four young children depending on her. She was very happy with her time at Oasis. She is foregoing immediate surgery, any radiation, and standard chemotherapy because she believes that Dr. Contreras and his cohort can cure her. I hope for her sake she is right. Unfortunately I have read too many tragic stories like those above to have the same faith she does. How she chooses to treat her cancer is up to her. I do believe that. I simply hope and pray that, however miraculously, she gets the cure she is looking for.

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Sophie719, I suspect there's not much you can do to persuade your friend to reconsider traditional breast cancer treatment.  My stepsister is a multi-decade survivor of breast cancer, and she did it through traditional treatment.  Your friend is taking big risks instead of taking care of this while it's still stage 3.  She's in my prayers.

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I wrote a more extensive followup that i already posted, but i really want to thank you for the prayers. I do believe they are playing a large role in keeping her alive! I also should note that, while she was initially given a Stage III diagnosis, she found out weeks later that the scans were not read correctly and she was Stage IV all along. Apparently it is very rare to do a mastectomy at Stage IV.

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I went to Oasis of Hope hospital in 2009, for stage III ovarian cancer, after a friend told me her husband went there and was successfully treated for inoperable pancreatic cancer, and without chemotherapy.  I hoped to avoid chemo too, but consulted with the doctor there, before my surgery in the U.S., and he said they see better results with ovarian cancer, if chemo is part of the treatment. 

The environment there is healing and the treatments were effective for me.  I went a few days after chemotherapy, feeling miserable from the drugs, and their IVs helped reduce the side effects I was experiencing.  They do recommend a lot of nutriceuticals, or supplements, which are designed and produced in-house, by their staff bio-chemist.  I planned to return for a total of three stays, but I was on 24/7 IV nutrition by the time I was ready for my second visit and just didn't see how I would manage that in their facility.  The IV nutrition was due to protein I lost each time fluids that were accumulating in my abdomen were drained and had nothing to do with anything that happened at Oasis of Hope

I continued alternative treatments after returning to the U.S. and found that many, but not all, of the treatments I received in Mexico are available at various locations in the U.S., at integrative clinics.  I am a firm believer in integrative and alternative treatments for cancer.  My surgeon said I would not live for a year because my surgery was suboptimal, and that the cheme drugs would not resolve the cancer.  I had fluid in my abdomen, which accumulated every 3 days to the point it had to be drained during out-patient procedures.  The chemo drugs made me very ill and I was on pain meds for 10 months. 

The conventional medical community felt I was a lost cause, but by incorporating other treatments, along with the conventional ones, both at Oasis of Hope and at an integrative clinic at home, under the guidance of a naturopath, I survived and with no recurrances.  My naturopath and I worked hard to make me healthy during and after my treatment and I feel so much better than I did for years before my diagnosis.

Cancer is a challenging disease and currently there is no way to insure that all cancer patients will survive.  Many patients who go to the Oasis of Hope go there as a last ditch effort and they are very ill when they arrive.  Considering that most of their patients are stage IV, they have an amazing record for survival.  I too was suspicious about going to a hospital in Mexico for treatment, but I really had little to lose at that point.  I am grateful there are clinics like this that make available treatments that support the body and help it to heal. 


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My sister (age 49) passed away a week ago after diagnosed two years ago with stage IV ovarian cancer. After relapse following the completion of a full regimen with chemotherapy, she and her husband decided to try an alternative treatment and flew to Oasis of hope for a 3 week treatment. My sister flew to Mexico feeling good despite an increase in blood marker and optimistic that this will be her cure. Dr. Contreras is very charismatic and preaches daily in the clinic on the benefits of their treatment and against the conventional treatments.  After administration of an enormous amount of pills per day, infusion of various vitamins and laetrile which is not approved in the US or EU due higher risk than clinical benefit, came the time for the highlight - dentritic cell vacination. She was already in a bad condition following the previous 2 week treatments and this last treatment made her so ill she barely made it home. They were in contact with Dr. Contreras that told them to wait before they seek other treatment since it takes time until the DC vacination works. A couple of weeks later she was admitted to hospital with colon obstraction.  Despite the outcome of the treatment in Oasis of hope, the clinic convinced them to come again a year later for "immune boost". She arrived in Mexico after treatment with another chemo, feeling good although aware she needs a maintenance treatment. The clinic in Mexico preaches against the conventional medicine. This time she returned after one week of dendritic cell treatment directly to the hospital where she was hospitalized the last 4 months until she died. When I wrote the clinic approx 6m ago asking for data on the amazing survival rates they present at their webpage and for the immune protocol, I was answered that this is data they don't share. Who in the medical community has outstanding data and doesn't want to share it? Cancer is a life treatning disease, how can someone be so arrogant and careless and offer only one alternative for treatment? Only supplements with no clinical evidence and convince terminally ill people that this is their cure? I thought they have some integrity as medical doctors but I am wrong.


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I wrote months ago on here about a friend with stage IV breast cancer who was pursuing treatment as Oasis of Hope. I honestly did not think she would be alive at this point, and was very concerned that she was going down the wrong road in not pursuing traditional treatment. However, I am very happy to report that, thus far, the Oasis protocol seems to be working. She has her follow up scans done locally, and the most recent ones (done by University of MI-- a world leader in allopathic cancer care) showed that her cancer has been reduced by almost 90 percent overall--after initial scans of cancerous lesions throughout her lymph nodes, a spot on her liver, and spine riddled with lesions. The spinal lesions are now minimal and her primary tumor much reduced as well. She has not had a mastectomy, and relies completely on the treatment from Oasis. So while I still would probably not choose that path myself (and could not afford it), her story certainly gives me pause. I think that anyone who has the opportunity to integrate some nutritional therapies and things like acupuncture, massage etc with their traditional treatment should consider pursuing it. It was the prospect of no traditional treatment that concerned me. I do think Oasis has better reviews and outcomes than other MX clinics (some seem nothing less than evil in what they do honestly), based solely on info gained scouring the web for uncompensated stories--since Oasis doesnt present their clinical results in any typical format (which is indeed fishy bc just from the perspective of promoting better outcomes, wouldnt you want to share it)? The alternative centers like Oasis brainwash their patients into believing the US government is hiding cures so as to encourage revenue for chemo that doesnt work well. But if they dont share their data, and only use it to benefit their own patients, how are they any different from big bad government in their narrative? In any case, my friend continues to thrive, and for that I am grateful. She is very young and otherwise healthy, so I am sure that helps. She also has a TON of people praying for her constantly and has a huge and dedicated support system. She is a very Christian spiritual person as well, which cleatly affects her outlook. I think those factors play a significant and mysterious role as well. One thing that seemed to create the most change in how she felt, and she did a period right before her last scan, is high dose THC medicinal marijuana. I believe Oasis recommended that too. There is some significant anecdotal evidence that this has a shrinking effect on tumors, and my friend has used A LOT in her protocol. It leaves her out of it for like 3 weeks at a time. If anyone has a cancer diagnosis, I would recommend looking to that along with a vegan diet (my friend has done that religiously), along with maybe seeing a dietician focused on oncology to see what might work best for them, as well as integrating things like acupuncture and massage. Building a sense of spirituality one is comfortable with, as well as getting support through local groups or churches, is something you can do right here at home. If you want to try the dendritic cell vaccines (not out of clinical trials here), talk to your oncologist for recommendations. Perhaps it is possible to go JUST for the vaccines at Oasis. I know there are places for that in Europe. But high thc marijuana, vegetable based nutrition and high dosed vitamins are things you can easily get stateside--preferably as an adjunct to traditional care. I wish anyone making these decisions about treatment all the best...God speed! <3

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I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am considering Oasis.  I am 53 and would really like to not undergo cut, burn, poison protocol if I don't have too.  Your friend's story gives me hope that Oasis really does work. 

Thank you for the recent update.  My diagnosis was June 13th and I just had scans done - it has not metastisized.

I have a large cancerous tumor (4mm x 3mm) with some suspicous spots behind that on the MRI on my right side.  They want to do a double masectomy but won't know about radioation or chemo until the surgery is complete.  Double is really my choice because I have 2 aunts who both told me that they would rather have had both removed if they were to do it over.  They are both about the same size as me and my female oncologist suggested it before I even had to request.  Any way. I will also have reconstructive surgery started at the same time as the surgery.  That is IF I decide to go traditional methods.

What scares me most if the removal of my lymph nodes - well that and the MAJOR surgery part of it all.  

The doctors have told me it's not aggressive, so we have time.  I am just wondering if trying Oasis at first would be beneficial and then keeping surgery in my back pocket as a packup plan if their plan doesn't work.  I'm saying all this before I even have a cost from them.  It might not even be practical for me to consider but just really thinkign this through out loud to someone who has watched a success story in real life.

Really just wanted to thank you for the positive spin and yet cautious post.

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