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Stage IV is only over when the fat lady sings!

donna_lee's picture
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Joined: Feb 2009

And I hope she can't find the music....

Since September, I've had 3 sets of labs, 3 CT's, a brain MRI, almost a biopsy(cancelled once I was fed into the CT machine and she saw the spot), a DXA scan, a mammogram, 2 appts. with my Internist, 3 appts. with the Oncologist or Nurse Pract.; and there's still more to go.

The first CT results showed Osteopenia, so now I'm on Raloxifene for Osteoporosis in the spine and Osteopenia in the hips.  That was good!

It also showed a lung "spot".  That was bad!  CT #2 indicated spot had shrunk by 1/2-probably an infection.  Good!  

Wait 3 months for a follow up CT.  Yuck!  Spot had gone away. Good!   But there was thickening of the esophagus. Maybe bad!

Ako mammogram came back OK-but no reference made to the lump area I told the mammographer about.  Bad!

Mentioned or reviewed both with Onc. and was referred to a surgeon for further consult.

Now I'm scheduled for an ultrasound of my breast and an endoscopy thru the throat, stomach, and duodenum...Just to rule out anything I don't want to have.  Hah!

I am so tired of being shuttled around.  Not to mention our local hospital needs to conduct training courses in customer service and courtesy with the admissions personnel.


And if she does try to find the music, I'll kick her in the shins.

hugs to all in the New Year.


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Joined: Mar 2014

That's so much to go through. I don't blame you for being tired of the medical merry-go-round. Keeping my fingers crossed for US and endoscopy to come back with nothing remarkable. Happy and healthy new year to you, Donna xo

Posts: 51
Joined: Dec 2017

So sorry to hear you have so much going on; I know it's very tiring.  You are in my prayers and thoughts and I wish you all the best.  Thanks for sharing your positive attitude!  

Posts: 489
Joined: Aug 2017

and I can’t  hear any singing at all

Sorry you are  going through this but  praying you pass everything and good to go for another  14 years


foxhd's picture
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You can't go to the beach, cut flowers, or camp beneath the stars. May as well get the full tune up. How are those hammer toes? Botox? Don't let them biopsy your grit. People will start treating you like a vip. Customer Service is a high priority these days. Particularly when there are complaints.

Still wear size 13? Logger boots?.....

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Aah, the roller coaster ride. Sorry Donna!

Tell me, do you get the written results available in a day or two? Or do you wait till you see your physician?

Better health to you! Sending you HOPE and HEALING, Donna!

Hugs, Jan

Retcenturion's picture
Posts: 240
Joined: Mar 2017

Donna you were one of the first people to welcome me  to this forum and gave great advice. Hope you have a quiet weekend and get a respite from medical facilities for awhile. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family.


AnnissaP's picture
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Joined: Sep 2017

Uffff! Talk about being givin the run around. I wish u all the strength, peace and laughter you need!!!

donna_lee's picture
Posts: 1020
Joined: Feb 2009

bThe frustration, the anger, the sense of loss...it was a doozy this time.  And yes, I have communicated several times with the hospital's Risk Manager about the unpleasant admissions staff; and I told my Onc. that just because he felt my CT results were good, that no one had informed me in a timely manner.

And Fox, it was my hubby who wore size 13 logger boots.  But at least we are only having wind and a little bit of rain instead of what the east coast is getting.  BR-rr.

When you have the background and knowledge I've accumulated over the years, one has a tendency to think ahead to the what if's, instead of being a passive participant in the game.  And then the bar is set even higher for those in the medical care field for what is expected of them.  As with the admit staff who is rude and a bit surly-no customer service, just doing the job for pay.

As I said, thanks for listening.  When I know something more, I'll let you in on the secrets.

Hugs to all,


stub1969's picture
Posts: 934
Joined: Jul 2016

Hi, Donna.  I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and sending prayers of strength.  As you know, I've used your quotes several times on this forum, which reflect the level of respect I have for your thoughts, words, and knowledge.  Try to take care of yourself and not get over-stressed.  You'll see this through--come hell or high water.Speaking of weather--North Iowa has had some extream cold temps the past few days.  Recently, I started the morning of pheasant hunting with temps at -13 degrees.  Wind chills were -30.  But hunting was great---dog performed like a champ and I brought home dinner.

Take care, my friend.


hardo718's picture
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Joined: Jan 2016

But hoping things turn out well for you.  And your new picture is awesome!

Praying for you.


ImNotDeadYet's picture
Posts: 244
Joined: Apr 2017

Hoping you get a good resolution soon. And hopefully those admission drones will treat you a little better in the future. There is No excuse the that, especially in a hospital! 

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