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Newly diagnosed...here for support. Hello!

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hello.  It all started with a bit of blood, being told I had statistics and being young on my side and not to worry.  One colonoscopy later, I have stage?2, possibly 3, colon cancer.  The tumor is located in my sigmoid colon, almost at the rectum but with enough colon to remove and resection. 


2018 is going to be about fighting this tumor.  With radiation and chemo, followed up with surgery to remove tumor and temp ileostomy, then 4.5 months of chemo, and then final surgery to remove ileostomy and put eveythung back together again.


im accepting the fact that this is happening.  I’m accepting the fact that this is now my life and im ready for what’s ahead.  I have a team that will oversee my treatment and my progress and I’m confident in them and feel settled I’m surrounded by the best and will get the best treatment.


I have my oncology radiologist consult appt  on Wednesday and then will have staging with her.  I will get my chemo drugs next week and then it’s 5 weeks chemo/radiation and it’s game time 


but im terrified. 


Im hoping to make connections here and give/get support.  


Just wanted to say hello <3


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I'm sorry that you're here but you seem to have your act together in terms of knowing the overall plan and layout and having put together your team and plans. My treatment is similar to yours though I started last summer with another five months to go. Most of the people on this board have or had cancer or have or had a spouse or loved one with cancer so we know what you're going through and many of us have gone through what you've gone through though not necessarily exactly the same things as there is colon vs rectal and differences in staging.

So you can read some of the old threads where people go through their treatment, or read the personal blogs or ask questions or vent if you wish. We're here to help you out through things and we have a lot of collective knowledge.

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Welcome to the boards, but sorry you have to be here.  It sounds like you are very happy with your medical team and that you have your treatment plan already set for you so you know what to expect.  However this is a whole new path for you and what you think you might be going through is still a whole new journey.  Come here and ask lots of questions if you have any because there should always be someone here that can help you.  Please go to my "About Me" page as my treatment plan was similar to yours.  One thing that the radiologist didn't tell me was about the vagina opening getting smaller due to the radiation.  If you have any issues or concerns you can PM me.  Wishing you luck moving forward.


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Sorry you've found yourself here but you're very welcome an you've come to the right place. It sounds like youhave a good plan coming up and are being realistic about the process. You have an excellent chance of doing very well. If you have any questions, ask us. The doctors ask questions but they haven't gone through it and don't actually know what it's like. And they have limited time and may not ever hear about certains issues. They have the book knowledge and they've seen the outcomes but are they familiar with what it's really like? No.

Post anything you want to know. There are no stupid questions and lots of misinformation on the internet. Knowledge is power and will make you feel less vulnerable.

Take care,


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In Dec 2009,I had same future as you do now, only Iwas 77 at the time. 2010 brought chemo & radiation.tumor resection with Iliostomy,reversal of 

Iliostomy, but no additional chemo. 2011 colonoscopy found me NED(no evedence of disease).  I'm currently 85 and still NED.  If I could beat it at my age, you are a shoo in!!! Just take it a day at a time and tell yoursef,"this too shall pass."  It may be a bumpy ride, but I'm living proof that it is doable.

Best of luck to you!! 

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Sir please would like to share what was your stage?? What was CEA level? Any metastasis

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Stage 2 boardering on 3.  Don't remember CEA but I believe it was quite low ie1.25 No metastasis.


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I like that!  

Danker is truly respected on this forum, and I've no doubt in the real world as well. He is our treasure!


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On January 1st 2013 I joined this forum. I too was starting my Cancer journey, and filled with apprehension and questions. This is the best forum ever for support and we look forward to helping you along the way. 

And let me tell you, Danker, who posts above, is my inspiration. When I first 'met' him on the forum, he was 82, and I thought, yeah, I want to be 82 like Dan. Now he is 85, so I have upped my goal to match his. 

Good luck as you journey with us. 


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I know I need it.


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I was diagnosed Feb 2016. As my surgeon told me, 2016 is going to suck huge but it will be much better in 2017. He was right. You have a lot to face in 2018 but you can get through it. Your life has changed, but it's still your life and you have some control. Good luck in everything.


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You’re terrified, dont be afraid to feel that. Let it out then move on. Tap into all the positive energy you can. Sounds like you’ve got a good medical plan in place.  This forum has a wealth of knowledge and lots of kind and caring people that will help you get through it all. 

  My little suggestion would be to buy a journal  and write down all of your questions, appointments, pertinent results, etc..  Put in all your doctors phone numbers, your insurance number. it’s a good way to keep track of everything  as it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information  thrown at you .

welcome to the forum, sorry you’re here.

all the best to you as you take on this challenge 



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So glad you found this discussion board. There have been times in the past year that the people here truly helped me through emotional crises.  I started at Stage 3 but am now Stage 4.

I try to be grateful and positive every day. From reading and research there are many things cancer survivors have in common. One is a positive outlook. Believe me when I say you will prove just how strong you are in the months ahead. You can do it!

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I read each of your replies and I want to thank you for your contact!  I’m feeling blessed to be here and happy to “Know” you all.




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