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** Greetings **

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Joined: Apr 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! May our Good Lord bless and guide us all to better pathway of healing process physically, mentally and spiritually ♥️

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Joined: Nov 2001

My fellow survivors, wishing good health to all, Ron

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Joined: Aug 2013

First year in a loooong time where I feel an optimism unqualified by so many issues, physical and emotional. I wish all here hope, love, and peace in the recipe that most fills their need. 
Happy New Year!.......................................Dave

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Joined: May 2013

I am sending peace, love, and happiness to everyone! 

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Joined: Feb 2009

May all of you have a Happy New Year and many Blessings.


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Joined: Apr 2012

Love to all of you! May 2018 be overflowing with good health, breakthrough cancer treatments, lots of Love, too many blessings to count, and fun fun fun!!!

God Bless!


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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for all the help and caring over the last couple of years. 

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Joined: Nov 2015

May 2018 bring everyone love, joy, clean health and magic!

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Joined: Jun 2017

Wishing for all of us better health and happiness in 2018!

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Joined: Sep 2014

In 2018 I want to see the headline Cancer Treatment Found and it to be genuine.

My 2017 was rather poopy. From the extreme reaction to the first chemo then wasting time on an oral chemo that did nothing to going back and the first one and then ending up the hospital with septic shock and then having that hit me so hard in the  butt that I'm just now starting to feel human again. From the surgeon who told me in July when I had a partial blockage that he wouldn't touch me because people like me usually get opened up and are full of cancer and they just close them back up to the MRI I had in September that showed that I don't have cancer in my abdomen, just lots of adhesions which are and will cause other issues. And from the kidney stent they put in when I had the septic shock because they were grasping at straws that was so painful and made me pee my pants often and get up 8 to 10 tims a night trying not to, the stunning shooting pain it would cause when I sat up and the recurring UTIs that I finally had removed a few weeks ago and was told the hospital had used a huge one for some reason and no wonder it bothered me so much. I've just really had enough of 2017.

Let's not even discuss my husband's heart attack and subsequesnt triple bypass. Yup, buh bye 2017, you sucked.

As for all of you, 2018! NED for everyone! No new cases! Treatments that work without causing nasty side effects! May we all be as healthy and happy and here as possible. 

I haven't ridden my horse in months. I haven't driven my car in months- I have a gorgeous red Camaro. I haven't walked my dogs in months or done anything I love and I'm done with that ****. Enough!! I want my life back!

Love, good health, and support from friends and family!

Hugs to you all!


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Joined: Jul 2017

Hi Jan,

From being on this site for the past 9 months, and having gone through surgery and chemo (which has ended), I have followed your posts. You are an inspiration to not only me but everyone else posting here.

I hope that 2018 is a better year for you (an everyone else), as you certainly deserve a break. I know that you have a lot of friends on this site, as when you went silent a while back there were a lot of concerns, for your well being, being posted.

Be well Jan and Happy New Year to you and your family.


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Joined: Oct 2017

I'm just happy to see you posting again.

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Joined: Jan 2017

to see your smiling face here again JanJan.  I agree 2017 totally sucked ( no other word for it)!

So here’s to a happy healthy 2018 to all of us here on the forum


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Joined: Sep 2014

Aw, thanks you guys! Even Christmas was ruined because I had a stomach bug and was throwing up. We had to cancell the guest we had coming at the last minute. And I laid on the couch all day with a barf bucket beside me. Awesome. 

I just hope 2018 is better for everyone. And, as I said, I want this to be the year they actually have a cure for cancer. Enough money and time has been spent on looking for it, give us some results!


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