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I just want to wish everyone here a Happy New Year.

I hope and pray that each one of us gets the peace we deserve and the progress we deserve in fighting this horrible disease.


God BE with all of you!



Karen aka Salty!Cool

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Happy New Year Karen and all the ladies here...

To those who battled through 2017 (l am one)---may 2018 bring us health and peace

To those who are going into 2018 battling this horrific disease---may 2018 be the year you prevail and show the world what a warrior you are! 

To those who are dancing with NED---may you continue the dance and hopefully you will be joined by many of us...

Ladies I salute all of you who have or are battling this crap...



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I hope all of you ladies have a Happy & Healthy 2018.  Hopefully, they will find a cure for our disease.

All the best to you ladies for 2018!


a/k/a Jane  

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Lou Ann M
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i second what you say

hugs and prayers to all of you wonderful ladies

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Joined: Aug 2016

I pray for a cure.  Strength and courage for all you fighters out here. Hugs to all


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Joined: Jan 2016

Happy new year everyone! Prayers for cure for us all!

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope we see leaps and bounds forward in the cancer fight.

Love and Hugs,


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Strength and hope to all in 2018. This year brings the greatest challenge I have ever faced. You all give me great hope!

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Best wishes to all of us in 2018, and beyond!

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Hoping for a year of miracles and possiblities ... no, probabilities ... beyond our comprehension!

Posts: 167
Joined: Dec 2017

They do not happen often, but after much prayer, my father walked again.  So anything is possible. BELIEVE.............

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