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Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary

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Well it has been 10 years (Feb/2008) since we got the news about PC from our general doctor.  It was dialed in at GL 9 with a PSA of 32 with MRI indications that the cancer was outside the gland.

After two rounds of radiation treatment (IMRT and PB) and a round of cryoablation treatment in between, the last PSA results indicated <0.006 ng/L.  Certainly not the outcome we were to expecting 10 years ago.  Just don't settle for what is prognosed as a certain outcome!

Just wanted to wish all readers a Merry Christmas - and let's keep up the good fight.

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Congrats and happy for you and your family! Happy New Year!!

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Congratulations on your ten's year anniversary as a survivor. Best wishes for continued remission.

Happy New Year


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Doug, great news ... Thank you very much for this post. It's very important to those who have very aggressive Pca to hear that there is hope.  Ten years and still going strong is an inspiration.. again thank you for your post --- contento -- Gleason 8

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Great news................


Dave 3+4

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Bless your good news Doug....I know this will be an inspiration for guys recently diagnosed with more serious cases of PCa.


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amazing GOD BLESS YOU ALL and cheers to another 10 years..great to hear this...need to get more 10 and 15 and 20 myear survivors on board because there are 10s of thousands of them out there and it great hope for all to hear their stories.. bring muchhh hope  and happinesss...once again CONGRATS

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Awesome news and glad you are doing okay. Have a great Holiday and New Year.

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Thanks for sharing your news, and congratulations on your success. A toast to you is in order!

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How wonderful.....Thank you for posting your success, so others can have hope.......


Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year, and the years to follow!

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