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Anaplastic Astrocytoma Level III

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I've been reading your messages. I pray you all find the faith and hope that will bring you wellness and peace of mind. I am 39. Last year I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was resected in July 2003(95%) and the pathology reported that I had an anaplastic astrocytoma level III in 20% of the tumor. I began 6 weeks of radiation. I lost the hair on the front left side of my head; some is growing back. The MRI following radiation showed either scar tissue from the radiation or new tumor tissue grew in an area below the surgical site but within the radiation range. As a result, I began 12 months of chemo (Temodar). I'm now completing my fourth round and the Temodar is working based on my last MRI. I take Dilantin (530mg) to control my seizures and my neuro-oncologist has prescribed Rocaltrol (.5mg) and Celebrex (200mg) as studies show these medicines help inhibit tumor growth. I'm also taking Kytrol (8mg) to control nausea and Miralax to help with constipation. Dilantin makes me tired, as did the radiation and now the chemo. My appetite is not what it was; I've lost over 35 pounds (I had it to lose, though this isn't how I wanted to do it.) Temodar's side effects vary with me. Sometimes I'm exhausted, sometimes nauseated or sick and other times I feel fine. Emotionally, there are more good days than bad. I believe that I will be well again but somedays I miss my hair, I miss "normal." Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else had the same diagnosis or experiences to share?

God bless you.

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I was diagnosed with stage 4 glio blastoma, that is your tumor all grown up. I had a resection Aug 21, where they got 80%, they also installed glio wafers next to the remaining tumor. On Sept 12 I started both radation and chemo (Itemadar) for six weeks. Really no side effects except for being tired at the end of each week, and the normal hair loss, which is growing back. Since then I have had 5 rounds of chemo, 5 on and 23 off. I take Dilantian, effexor, steriods, anti depressant. When I'm on Temadar, I take an additional three anti nausas meds. So far everthing is going well, nothing to mention other than a little constipation. My last two MRI's have not shown any new growth of the tumor.
so, I contunie to take the chemo, and wait fir the next MRI.... A heck of a game were playing here, but I stay stay strong in my faith of GOD, and trust Hw will see me through..
If you would like to chat more, let me know

God Bless

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You are not alone. I was diagnosed with a grade III astrocytoma in October of 2001. My tumor was in my right temporal lobe and pressing against my brain stem. My first surgery was on October 29,2001. After the first surgery I had 40 radiation treatments totaling 6600 rads. The surgery and radiation didn't completely remove the tumor, so I had a second surgery on May 20, 2002. After the second surgery I have had 40 weeks of Temodar and CeeCeeNu and have been taking Tomoxifen for a year. I also lost my hair during radiation. My hair fell out is spots and I looked like a mangey dog. I ending up having the rest of my hair clipped very short. I told the radiation technicians that they could not have all of my hair. The side effects are unpleasant but they are survivable.

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I am new here.  My wife Michelle had a seizure on Wednesday 09/19/2017, she was transported to Methodist Hospital-Houston in the Medical Center.  After a CT they discovered she had a mass in her brain.  She underwent a MRI and it was confirmed that she had a tumor that was on the left side of her brain in between her motor function and speech function.  On Friday 09/15/2017, she underwent a Craniotomy and 70% of the tumor was removed.  The surgeon sent the tumor to pathology which was examined by Methodist hospital pathology and was then sent to MD Anderson for their pathologists to examine.  We were notified yesterday that the pathologists had classified the tumor as a Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma.  We have an appointment for next Wednesday 09/27/2017, with the Oncologist.  I just wanted to anyone who has been through this what we may come to expect with treatment.  My wife is 32 y/o and a private Nanny.  i work as a Fire Lieutenant for the Fire Department.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please keep her in your prayers as we try to overcome this.

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My wife had a seizure the day before your wife and she's about to turn 32 shortly. So far, we are still waiting for an official diagnosis from our doctors, they all seem like it's a real head scratcher for them. I feel like bad news would be better than just waiting around. I can't believe your wife has already had surgery, they want to do more scans before they make a decision for us. I'm already finding in this short time it's helping me deal with everything by talking to others in similar situations. I wish you & your wife the best. Please keep us updated and if I come across anything helpful for you, I'll be sure to share.

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i am new to this site but my husband went in with a seizure in late September of this year and before we knew it within 3 days there was a biopsy preformed and then a few days to follow he was being scheduled for a craniotomy!  he is 36 and we have 3 children (12, 10 ,1) fear isn’t even the world to being to describe what we both were feeling for each other and our children. We live in buffalo ny and he is now an official patient of Roswell which is not far from our house at all. he was dignaised with AA3 in his right frontal lobe they were able to remove 90% of the tumor he followed up with radiation and chemotherapy pill form and had very little to none of the side effects. He did lose his hair but that’s the least of his problems and something that is very managable (bald is beautiful ) we have lucked out so far if that’s even a thing with something this devastating but he is able to function 90 percent of his body and uses a cane as he had to reteach his left side to move Simultaneously which has improved immensley since his craniotomy ( he did not go into hospital that way it was a result of the surgery)  in early October. We are hopeful and positive as the “text book” statistics are not! And find these posts and stories so very helpful for it isn’t easy for caregivers as they are under a lot of stress and worry as if we carry the cancer ourselves. I am not a women of faith but believe in a higher power of some kind in this world and I have clung to that in hopes it can guide me to know or prepare for what’s next. I feel for everyone of you and your loved ones and hope nothing but the best and positive results for years to come ! We all have a journey and we may not understand it at times or feel like life isnt fair but always be thankful for the days we do have with our loved ones! 

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my wife of 57 years was diagnosed with AA3 in 2016. had surgery to remove approx 50%, then 30 days of localized radiation along with 42 days of chemotherapy(teomozolomide pills). just finished with 12 months of 5 days/month of followup chemotherapy and the last MRI showed no evidence of the tumor... we are hopeful that it wont come back but are preparing for whatever comes next... keep your faith, God works wonders.....

Kara B
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thank you for your hopeful story! Glad you are able to enjoy another day with your loved one 

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Hello Kara...seems we have a lot in common.  My husband is 46 and was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Glioma back in 2010.  The tumor came back and is now Grade 3 AA.  He had surgery in December 2017...is on Avastin and Lomustine and is walking with a cane, has speech problems and trouble with his right side.  We also have 3 children...14,11,7. My heart breaks for everyone on this site.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  

How are you and your husband doing?



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