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Incision not healed

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I had a part nep about three weeks ago and my incision (the one they put the port into) became infected. I’ve been on antibiotics and my surgeon said he did not want to close the incision and just let it heal on it’s own. Has anyone had this issue and if so approx how long did it take to heal? 

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Hi. Sorry about your situation. I have no advice, but hang on, you will get some soon!!!

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but when you say "port" are you referring to the drain?  When there is an infection that sets in, it's not unusual to let it heal from the inside out.  Besides the antibiotics, did they give you any further instructions?

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With that type of wound you want to heal inside out. To close the wound would be to enclose any infection. That's bad. Left to close on it's own allows for drainage to escape and allows for cleaning and inspection. Scars can be fixed.

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For my partial, I didn’t have 5hat issue.  But on a previous abdominal operation, I did.  I had 18 inches of my sigmoidcolon removed after they twisted shut.  Becpause of the inflammation that was on the two open ends of the colon, the surgeon decided to give them a chance to calm down (her words) and so I had an ostomy bag for 2-1/2 months.  When it came time to reconnect me and remove the bag, she opted to let the incision that was used for the bag heal on itself to minimize the chance of infection.  As I recall (this was in 2010), it was about 3-1/2 weeks for it to fully fill in and close.  It was a, shall we say, interesting experience to clean the wound each day and watch a q-tip disappear into my abdomen.

Posts: 28
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Thanks everyone I appreciate it! I guess I have to just give it time. It’s only been a week since doctor told me to let it heal on it’s own. 

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