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About Vidatox Cancer Medication

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Anyone know about Vidatox Cancer Medication?

For Detail: http://vidatoxcancermedication.com/

Please give your opinion.




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Dear “Akhlak”

Since you wrote here and asked for opinions, allow me to give mine, after doing a bit of review on the homeopathic product.  If there were anything that would cure cancer, it is assumed that the FDA would have known about it by now, and approved it for cancer patients. 

Vitatox seems to be in the category of homeopathic products.  Since I know about some other similar meds which are mentioned in this article, I would NOT be interested, especially since I just buried my own brother who died of Pancreatic cancer in the last two months.  Three weeks later, his wife, my SIL, died from Multiple Myeloma.

I say that sorrowfully.  So much for homeopathic meds that they both believed in.  However, they both also had traditional cancer treatments.  My brother had only been diagnosed in July 2017, and my SIL a year ago in November 2016.  The SIL was desperate to find a cure and spent a lot of their own personal money to fly to a “gyp joint” (to remain unnamed) where the “health clinic” was selling over 200 meds that would cure anything from warts to brain cancer, or so one would think.  My brother was extremely ill the night prior to their return home.  So before boarding for the flight home from Idaho to North Carolina, he went one more time to the “quack doctor”.  The “quack doctor” told him that he would be just fine—it was just the dying cancer cells leaving his body.  It was more than that.  My brother died 3 weeks after returning home. 

If you have Liver cancer, my best advice would be to “ask your oncologist” about this product.  As for me, I would NEVER forego traditional FDA approved meds and opt to go some homeopathic route.  And in that regard, anything in the way of “supplemental” or OTC meds should be approved first by the physicians that are treating you.

If you are just inquiring about this product because you are concerned for someone you know that has cancer, I would “skip” mentioning it.  Based on the NIH Abstract referenced below, published online March 2017, Vitatox increased tumor growth in Liver Cancer patients SIGNIFICANTLY rather than reducing it.  SurprisedAnd for that reason, I would agree with the second discussion referenced below that categorizes Vitatox as a scam.  False hope is the last thing a cancer patient needs.  Cry

Loretta Marshall

(Peritoneal Carcinomatosis/Ovarian Cancer Stage IV)


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5359575/

Sci Rep. 2017; 7: 44685. - Published online 2017 Mar 21. doi:  10.1038/srep44685

PMCID: PMC5359575

Venom from Cuban Blue Scorpion has tumor activating effect in hepatocellular carcinoma

Catia Giovannini,a,1,2 Michele Baglioni,1 Marco Baron Toaldo,3 Matteo Cescon,4 Luigi Bolondi,1,2 and Laura Gramantieri1

Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ►

In line with the above observations in rats with HCC the treatment with Vidatox for 30 days increased tumor growth significantly more than in control rats (p = 0.01) (Fig. 2A).

Indeed, HCCs proliferation was higher in rats treated with Vidatox than in control rats, as shown by immuno-staining for Ki-67 (Fig. 2B,C).

Contrary, after 15 days of sorafenib exposure rat HCCs showed a much lower proliferation compared to vehicle (Fig. 2A–C).

Macroscopically the rats treated with Vidatox showed a greater degeneration of the liver, a greater number of HCC nodules and larger (Fig. 3A).

According to in vitroresults in HepG2 and Snu449 cells, in the invasive edge of Vidatox treated HCCs there are more cells that penetrate the non-tumor liver tissue surrounding the HCC nodule (Fig. 3B)…”


[ My note: When I keyed in “Vitatox” on the web, this article came up immediately.  After reading the above abstract, I can understand their reasons for warning cancer patients to not be misled by this product’s claims.]

  1. http://www.skepticnorth.com/2011/12/vidatox-c... 

Over the past several weeks promotion of the newly licensed Cuban anti-cancer medication Vidatox has been evident. The venom from the Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus junceus is the base for this supposed cancer treatment, and the manufacturer has received permission from the Chinese and Albanian governments to distribute the remedy in those countries.


The treatment was previously only available in Cuba but they are now seeking licensure and distribution opportunities abroad, including, we must assume, Canada and Mexico (due to the US embargo, Vidatox could not be imported into the US). It remains, however, a dubious and dangerous treatment that is worth our skeptical attention and we must remind our governments and regulatory agencies that its sale should not be allowed.

There is research into the venom of R. junceus and its components, and it may indeed have anti-tumoral properties that deserve further research. This paper available on the Cuban digital library system Infomed, as well as PubMed, describes the effects of the venom on molecular and cellular systems, including mouse models. There are other papers to be found on Pubmed also describing the qualities of the scorpion venom, but this interesting research becomes immediately irrelevant when we look closer at the Vidatox product.

Vidatox is a homeopathic preparation at the 30CH potency. As such, it defies the basic principles of chemistry and physics that we all know well. We do not need to reiterate the poor reasoning of homeopaths here as homeopathy has been covered enough on this site for readers to understand its fantastical nature. The chance of the presence of a single molecule of any of the 5 proteins said to be the active ingredients in the product is extremely low. Even more, as this is an oral medication, the chance of the proteins making it though the gut would be zero, if they were even present.

A closer look, however, at the evidence put forward by the state-run Laboratorios Biológicos Farmacéuticos, or Labiofam, reveals information that is infuriatingly deceptive. The “evidence” page on the marketing website for Vidatox lists study after study about the undiluted testing of the venom of the R. junceus species as well as related scorpians, but makes no reference to direct testing of the Vidatox product. Even more, the only information resembling a study that I could find published is a phase IV trial protocol listed on the site of the international distributer of the product Pharmamatrix. This phase IV trial describes an open-label (meaning un-blinded) and uncontrolled post-approval test of the product; a standard procedure for any regular drug approved by the FDA or Health Canada. The catch is, of course, that there is no record of a published phase I, II, or III trial of the drug and in fact no record of any testing of the product on Pubmed, Google Scholar, or even on the Cuban Infomed server.

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Conder, Australia


#7 Nov 6, 2012

This is, sadly, not surprising from the manufacturer of a natural health product. Little Mountain Homeopathy, the bane of Canadian skeptics, is promoting Vidatox, despite it is lack of approval from Health Canada, for the treatment of cancer. The study listed on that site (without a reference) was presented at a recent conference put on by the manufacturer to support the launch of the international registration of the product, which had previously only been available in Cuba and was the source for medical tourism to that country for treatment of cancer. In this press release available on Infomed, several papers were presented to the Chinese government when seeking approval, but they appear to remain unpublished and in house information, unavailable for scrutiny.

What is most disturbing is the claim that Vidatox had already been tested on 10 000 patients in Cuba, including 3500 foreign patients who had travelled to Cuba. This is very troublesome language in the context of drug testing. Prior to any drug being approved for use therapeutically, it must be shown to be efficacious. In the case of Vidatox, as is the case for most alt-med therapeutics, it was decided that it should work and it was given experimentally to anyone who would pay for it as a standard treatment. It is unethical for a physician to give an experimental treatment outside of an approved trial and it is doubtful that any institutional review board approved such treatment. The trial of 174 patients listed on LMH website is unavailable online and appears to be completely unconnected to any peer-reviewed journal. It is far too credulous to accept this study as proof of efficacy directly from the company in the context of what is essentially a product launch, and homeopaths espousing their scientific acumen should be vilified if they use this data to justify Vidatox’s use to treat cancer or its symptoms.

What is even more incomprehensible is the use of such a preparation at all, in the context of homeopathy. which purports to individualize treatment for a patient, and adhere to the “law of similars”. Labiofam used to produce the full concentration product as Escozul, which may have been shown in vitro studies to have cytotoxic effects (see above). With the “law of similars”, this means that the homeopathic prep should be used to protect against cytotoxic effects, not produce these anti-tumor effects like the mother tincture. As well, where are the homeopathic “provings” or “triturations” for Vidatox, and why is it appropriate to prescribe its use for everyone’s cancer given the supposed variability of a patient’s complete and holistic symptoms? It is nothing short of hypocrisy to promote homeopathy as treating the patient not the disease and then turn to medicines that are marketed to treat a specific disease. It belies the ideological backflips that homeopaths will go through to justify their system of medicine, and shows their treatment decisions to be not only externally inconsistent, but internally inconsistent as well.

Vidatox, Labiofam and Pharmamatrix have all ignored my email requests for the studies they purport to have to support the use of Vidatox for cancer treatment. Labiofam is a large pharmaceutical company in Cuba and produces mainstream medical products as well as non-medical lifestyle, cleaning and plastic-based products. They must have scientists trained in biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine and other disciplines required to produce such products. To promote what is, at the 30CH or 10^60 dilution, a very cheap drug to manufacture, and with in-house experts who would be terrible scientists not to realize the unsupportable claims of this drug it is nothing short of fraud and should be treated as such.”

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