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Umm, chemo body odor?

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I am on carbo/taxol, and I have noticed an unpleasant body odor - it is especially strong about 5-7 days post-infusion.  I can’t stand it - I sometimes shower twice a day to get rid of it.  Does anyone else experience this?

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Hi, I apparently did develop an odor. I couldn't smell it, but my husband could! He finally told me AFTER we had a meeting with our kind, young, and handsome investment banker. I gave him a hug, hope he didn't smell me, lol. It's weird how I couldn't smell it as I'm usually super sensitive with odors. Hubby said it wasn't really stinky, but just a chemical smell. Makes sense. After he told me I wore lots of powder and lotions to try to mask it. It lasted about a month after my final treatment.

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But I had some farts that could have killed a horse!

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My sense of smell was hightened while on chemo.  I would walk through the grocery store and the detergent aisle felt like it was burning my nose.  I stayed away from that aisle but it was weird to have a super sensitive sense.

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When I worked in a hospital, the employees were told not to wear perfume as it was bothersome to cancer patients.  I never had any problems with it myself.

As a side note, I was reading a book on eating right for your blood type years ago, and the author of it said that people who have a heightened sense of smell generally have type O blood.  I noticed in my break room at work that when certain people were commenting on the smells of food cooked in the microwave there (even when the people had taken their food elsewhere to eat it), the people asking were the people who happened to have type O blood.  I asked them if they knew their blood type, and when I guessed that they had type O, I was always right.  They always looked puzzled, wondering how I'd known that.  It was a lot of fun for me.

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