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Am I rushing things?

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I know everyone is different and I’ve read people’s posts about recovery, so that leads me to believe I might be rushing back into things after surgery. I had a right radical nephrectomy on 11/6/17. I was released/went back to work on 11/28/17. I’m back to walking 4 miles a day and my appetite came back with in a week. Should I slow down or keep at it? The Dr is pushing me to lose 15 pounds by my 3 month post op scan. I just don’t want to mess anything up and end up back in surgery for something I could’ve prevented. The only pain I really have is if I bend over to far on my right side my body still lets me know I had the surgery as the incision is still a bit tender.

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I think as long as you don't feel tired or hurt you should be ok. Walking is good exercise listen to your body and check in with your dr if you have any issues. Good luck to you on your healing journey.

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Good for you! I hear ya on the bending over part. I think you answered your own question lol. You are aware you could hurt yourself so just continue doing what you are doing which is listening to your body and being careful. I just saw my surgeon last Tuesday (3 wks post op) and he said only walking for 3 more weeks as insides are not fully healed yet. I cannot work yet bc I have a very physical job, but good on you!!! Take care!!

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I found that getting back my fitness was the most difficult thing after a radical nephrectomy (at age 61), so if you are back to long walks after a few weeks, keep it up as long as it is not doing any obvious harm.  Losing a bit of weight won't hurt you either.  Cycling or swimming might be good.

Without wanting to be negative, if you do end up with metastatic consequences in a year or two, the healthier and fitter you are the better you will be able to meet that challenge.

Best of luck.



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