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The good and the bad of CT's

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Well....if there is anything good that comes out of Ct scans, I guess I have to say they do find interesting diagnoses.

After the first biggie surgery in 2006, they did find recurrences in nodes in both 2007 and 2008, and both were positive for mets of RCC.

They caught the enlarging thyroid in about 2013 and the biopsy was negative for any cancer.

And most recently, the scan interpreter mentioned osteopenia; bone thinning.  My PC sent me for a full Dexa scan and it found osteoporosis in the spine and osteopenia in the hip joints.  Now I'm on one the "old folks" meds with hopes of building back some of the bone loss.

At the end of Dec., I'll have a follow up CT to determine if what was found on my lung in Sept. was an infection or "something unknown."

Give me patience, and I want it Right Now.

Hope your Turkey Day was Great.  We rooted for Auburn to beat Alabama.  Wish Granted!  And Oregon State to beat Oregon....oh well, pizzza with the family was great.


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I believe that I would have had at least a couple of fractures by now. Monthly zometa infusions have saved me from unnecessary procedures. That includes having been hit by a car crossing the street and being clothes lined off the back of my harley by a parking garage gate arm. Zometa works for me. We can share a coast to coast line together. Followed by calisthenics.

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