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Changes in your routine/nutrition

randyradiohill's picture
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I'm just curious how you changed your routines and nutrition after surgery.  I've always been very healthy and for the past year have been into juicing and eating much healthier.  I've read many different things about eating cancer fighting foods and juices as the best way to minimize reoccurance of cancer. But for every article or program that looks promising, there is one the debunks it.  It's impossible to determine the good information from the bad information.  My initial thought is to go even heavier on my juicing. I lost 30 pounds when I started earlier this year, the energy is incredible and I feel 20 years younger.

Has anyone gone with a cancer-fighting program that you feel good about?  I don't want to just sit around and see what happens.  I want to take as much control as I can and give myself the best chance to not have to deal with this again.  Thanks for any input.

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Hi, my husband and I were already eating healthy,  and exercising.  What I did wrong before diagnosed with kidney cancer,  was for over 20 yrs every night took one tylonel pm to help me sleep. Several doctors knew,  no problem.  But, I blame the tylonel pm for my cancer.  So, now we eat healthy,  exercise  and I take amazing all natural plant based supplements.  Four of my doctors approved of these supplements.  So I'm doing the best I can to stay healthy.  Good luck to you! !!

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I had one urologist say....live your life and that I did nothing to get kidney cancer. The oncologist said a heart-healthy diet is a kidney-friendly diet and to not start smoking. I hope you are ok!!! 


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I had changed my diet to clean eating almost 2 years ago. My tumor had been Growing about 3 or 4years. I used to take large amounts of  nsaids like advil and aleve for my knees. There is some link to nsaids and kidney cancer. I blame that in my case. However there is also a lawsuit for proton pump meds like Nexium causing kidney damage. I took Nexium for many many years. I am wondering if this is also a side effect if Nexium. But don’t know how to find out For sure. 

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Interesting.... I, too, had taken NSAIDs and PPIs for years. I will have to do somresearch on the correlation. 

As far as changes, I have only reduced and removed sodium and tea from my diet. I met With a Nephrologist and a Nutritionist. Both said to eat balanced meals, decrease sodium, and avoid sweet drinks - nothing out of the ordinary for most people. 

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Bay Area Guy
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I was quite healthy before being diagnosed.  I did a lot of running and ate healthy.  The only time I took something like Tylenol or Advil was when I had a pretty headache, which was, thankfully, infrequently.  The main causes of kidney cancer seem to be having a history of the disease in your family (not my case), smoking (never for me) and obestiy (again, not for me).  So I asked my urologic oncologist why I got it, and his reply was "you got it because you did".  He said it simply happens to people, even people who ostensibly lead a very healthy lifestyle.

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 anything. Most of us have kidney cancer because of bad luck only. It is not because of diet, or lifestyle. Sometimes bad things happen for no reason or direct correlation. Accept the fact. Then no energy or effort needs to be wasted on guilt or feeling like a failure.

All I pushed for years  was for positive thinking. Karma. If one has been abusive to oneself, then it is time for some behavior modification. But that is all. If you can love yourself and be proud of who you grew up to be, bless you. This quality of your personality is admirable. It is why you post here. Take some time and put a happy tune into your head, whistle or hum it, and make it contagious. Best medicine yet.

Posts: 112
Joined: May 2017

I agree with Fox.  My husband's surgeon said that there are no diet restrictions.  This can happen to anyone, whether you're extremely health-conscious or not.

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I also read about juicing such as "Chris beat cancer"but since cancer is different for all of us I don't know how well it will work. I have eaten healthy and organic and only chicken or fish, bottled water no sodas or sweets, never overweight and physically active yet I still got kidney cancer. I will keep doing this however I wonder my father in law smoked till he was in his 60s ate bacon fatty foods and was overweight but lived to be 98. 

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Joined: May 2017

Before my RCC diagnosis, I was far from perfect in terms of my nutrition, but given I have maintained a steady BMI of 19 and total cholesterol about 140 for years, my health fundamentals were always pretty decent. I have wondered if some preservatives (e.g. BHT), artificial colors/flavors or chemicals in processed junk foods that I've consumed over the years triggered the cancer but doubt I will ever get a clear answer. I've completely stopped drinking soda and made an effort to reduce my refined sugar/HFCS intake since the diagnosis as they could be linked to increased cancer risks in general, but it's unlikely this will influence whether or not I get a recurrence. 

randyradiohill's picture
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There is so much we all have in common.  I've never smoked, ran 6 miles everyday for 20 years (now I try to walk 3), will drink a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend, and have never been ooverweight.  I've been suspicious of tylenol also.  I've had some back issues, which coincidentally led to a radiologist finding my tumor.  A couple of times over the last 7 years or so, I've developed a nerve problem in my foot or leg with severe pain.  Rather than go to a specialist, I would take 3 tylenol a couple of times a day and limp thru it.  This could go on for a week or more.

I did see an article which suggets that there could be a link between the 2.

I'm going to keep on juicing, which makes me feel so good, and add a couple more.  I don't think you can ever go wrong with a plant based diet and natural nutrition.  I do enjoy a steak, which I will eat a small piece with my salad once a week or so.  

Thanks for yor input.


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