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SCLC with 1 lesion in the brain - going through Whole Brain Radiation

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My mom just recently got diagnosed with limited SCLC. After doing MRI, they found 1 small lesion to the brain. The doctor wants her to do 10 sessions of whole brain radiation (she's finished 3 of these already). Then wait a week and then 4 rounds of chemo (3 days in a row each round). I guess my question is... she's 68 years old. I want someone to be real with me as to the side effects of WBR and also if she can beat this? I've read so much about WBR and the fact that she could eventually become confused, repetitive behavior, not being able to verbalize thoughts, incomplete sentences, etc. Does this happen to most people that go through WBR? I'm so scared for her! Also, what should I expect with the chemo after finishing the radiation? I'm so scared for her!! 

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Hi adinisio, while you're waiting to hear from someone who has knowledge about this subject, you should also do a search on this website of brain radiation.  I've seen some discussion about it here.  Also post your question on inspire.com; it's another good site for lung cancer related questions.  I'm sorry you're scared, but it's ceertainly understandable.  Wishing you and your mom the very best.  God bless. 

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