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Stage 4 Colon Cancer - Tumor removed?

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Joined: Oct 2017

Has anyone have Stage 4 Colon Cancer and had their main tumor removed prior or after chemo?

Our oncologist keeps on saying no on the surgery without really explaining the reason.  So not sure if it's really medically no good or if it has to deal with hospital "politics/insurance/statistics"?

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However, unless the tumor is causing a blockage, recent research shows that surgery is not the first option.  Below is an article on that.  More often, chemo first to shrink tumors; then maybe surgery.



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Posts: 85
Joined: Oct 2017

Thanks for the info.  

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Mine was removed before chemo. It was a tremendous blockage that I can't even poop for over a week!! I had stage 3c. 

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I have been told I am inoperable and will probably be on chemo forever.  I have had no surgery. My CT scans do not say anything about my colon tumour (assuming do not see it in scans) - scans report on liver tumours.  I had my 28th treatment of avastin + Folfiri (one year now).  I have had some extra week breaks, and we are talking about a longer break due to chemo whacking my system - red and white blood cells.  I believe my Onco started with folfiri because he thought I could be on it longer than the folfox due to neuropathy.  Although I have several side effects with my treatment, which results in my stomach feeling crappy throughout the two weeks, plus constipation and diarrhea issues.  He says the tumours often mutate and then I would have to change the chemo - probably to folfox.  

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