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Upcoming scans...

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Hey, all,

Wanted to share this past experience I just had setting up my scans for my 3rd year.  This is the first time that I am on the yearly cycle, and I found it amazing that the doctors' office who follows me conveniently "forgot" to send me the usual letter reminding me to make an appointment.  It wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I remembered, "hey... I don't have any scans set up!"  So I called them and, of course, they gave an excuse that they got a new computer system and didn't have the same old files... whatever.  I'm set up to get scanned on October 16th and then see the Doc on October 26th... generally longer than I like to wait but I'm feeling pretty good that this cycle will be unventful.  

Just a reminder to stay vigilant and don't let them forget about you.  You are your own best advocate!  If you're supposed to get scanned then make sure it happens.  Once they stop making money off of you, it is amazingly convenient how the phone calls, letters and reminders stop.  

- Jay

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It is so true that we have to be aware of our own protocol at times.  The employees at all of these cancer centers come and go.. change jobs, move on, there is a constant change with new technology... and so a bunch of cracks open up for us to fall through.  Your primary care physician, if they have stayed with you through this, can become a good reminder to keep on protocol when you go for your yearly work up.  

No one has more invested in your survival than yourself.  No one should become so unaware as to this cancer ... stay informed... stay aware.



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