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5 Year Scan Results

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Just got back from meeting with the Oncologist for Holly's five year scan and all was good.  She had her left kidney removed in 2012 after the discovery of Stage 1 RCC.

To everyone on the board, thank you for your continued prayers.

For anyone just coming to this board, even years from now, you have hope and there are people out there praying for you.


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That's wonderful news! Very happy for your wife and you.

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Excellent news, Tom!!!

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Sounds good to me




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I am so happy for you, need more good news to boost the energy in the forum!

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Wishing your wife many more years of good health!

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That's so awesome!!

i can't wait to be where you guys are with my wife. She just had her 6mo scans all was well.

heres to many more for both.

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I wish I could say that the scans get easier.  I think its harder on me than it is on her to be honest with you.

Wish you guys the best.  You are in our prayers!

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I hear ya and thanks for the prayers.

my wife took this whole ordeal way better than I did too, or at least she was better at hiding it. 

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Great news!

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love hearing happy stories and so pleased for you both

Will you continue to receive annual scans


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We were told that she would receive annual ultrasounds on her remaining kidney going forward.

How does this sound here to the community?  Should she stay getting contrast scans?  

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Great news!

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YAAAY!!! Glad for you both!

Continued good health!

Hugs, Jan

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Thanks for sharing and many wishes for continued NED results.


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now don't go away. You've got a lot of Karma to share. Congrats!

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God bless!!!  Celebrate life.


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