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Does stress cause vomiting?

darcher Member Posts: 304

  I'm curious if I'm the only one in this boat.  Even now, if I get stressed enough I can end up singing to the porcelain god.  It wasn't like that before this started.  If anything, if I got stressed I'd end up eating more but never got sick like this.  If this is common, is it permenant or does it pass with time? 


  • Annabelle41415
    Annabelle41415 Member Posts: 6,712 **
    It Can Be

    I've been so upset about what was going on that I'd vomit and after still didn't feel well.  I'm a worrier by nature so my stomach feels upset at times.  I'd let your doctor know though.  It could be a side effect of something you are taking.  Hope that you feel better soon.


  • Trubrit
    Trubrit Member Posts: 5,536 **

    what Kim said.

    I listed everything that went on during treatment, even the usual stuff, and talked it over with the Oncologist. 


  • darcher
    darcher Member Posts: 304
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      I'll be seeing the

      I'll be seeing the radiation oncologist in a week or so after the PET scan so I can mention it then.  I suppose it matters how much stress.  Like, when my mother passed that would probably be considered normal.  Some of this other stuff, I don't know.  Like getting into a pissing match with century link over their theft based billing practises may not be.  If I had to guess, I'd say it was the emotional aspect of what ever it is that induces it.  I've noticed I've gotten more sensitive to things that are morally wrong and it causes an amplified physical manifestation more so than it used to.  Another item to add to the never ending list of side affects.

  • beaumontdave
    beaumontdave Member Posts: 1,176 **
    I don't know about stress

    I don't know about stress causing vomiting, but I know vomiting causes me stress, I can't do it, without feeling like I'm going to seize up. Seriously, I can't remember the last time it happened, but I'm sure it was awful, painful. I'm thinking, for you, this too shall pass...........................Dave