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Pale white stool

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Joined: Sep 2017

Does pale stool mean my liver is failing it is no longer pale.

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I can't help you on this one, Salsa.  If you haven't done so already, a call to your doctor is probably in order.


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Posts: 14
Joined: Sep 2017

The anwswer is no I was told since it was a one time deal it is probably diet related and there is no reason to worry, they didnt even want me to come in.

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Is that a 15' or 17' canoe?







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Joined: Sep 2017

I think it's a 17 the wife and I got it for 50 bucks and gave it a new paint job:)

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when ones body has been on things like votrient or cabo. For me, all kinds of se's happen. Over a several month treatment, I usually experience it all. Everything works great again when I take a short break from the tki.

diet change doesn't have to happen. My body just gets tired of being poisoned from the treatments.

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Stuff happens! Once or twice then it goes back to normal is fine. Stays white for several days get it checked. By now it is probably all back to normal.  Meds do many things to our bodies, but glad to have em.

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