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I would appreciate input if you can relate. Tku

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i have had no symptoms but a lung Ct showed kidney mass which is small3.2 but noted.  Had a MRI with contrastthat indicated kidney mass as well as someadrenal gland involvement.  I have had numerous blood tests.....so far so good re blood, then more blood tests and a 24 hour urine test.  They are thorough!  Waiting to see urologist.  I think it's nothing but sure seems like pcp and radiology are taking it serious.  Any body have all these tests?

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Your Drs will have to tell you for sure, but it sounds like your about to be told your going to need either a partial kidney removal or a full kidney removal, and probably that adrenal gland removed,JMO. Good luck.

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I'm not a doctor but my mass was found looking for kidney stones on the opposite side. All my tests were negative for anything.  My Biopsy even came back inconclusive.  I am almost 3 weeks from a robotic partial.  I agree with HD67... I think you are about to find out you will need to have surgery for a partial or full too.  This is a wonderful place for support and to ask questions. 


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hope all is going well foru.

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