Dental implants stage 4 nsclc

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I have Stage 4 nscls. I am on keytruda. Just finished a second 12 day radiation because a golf ball lymph node was found after I initially had reductiond of 78% of mediastinal mass and 62% in the lymph nodes. I will be rechecked in 6 to 8 weeks. If there are more growths or no shrinkage, i will be put on chemo. 2 days ago i developed pain and swelling and was found to have an abscess in 2 previous root canaled teeth. The dentist wants to pull and put in implants ( and one on the bottom to oppose the 2 that are being pulled for about $9300. His partner said a bridge and one implant on the bottom (where I haven't had a tooth for years) wound be sufficient. that would be around the 4000. I haven't checked with oncology yet, but will tomorrow. Here are my problems:

If onc says Yes- I have the money because I sold my house, however it was supposed to be for bucket list and or hospice care.

The thought of a removable bridge is gross and would be for esthetic reasons only, not mechanical.

Most likely my life span isn't great, I don't have a prognosis, nor do I want one. I am being  cheap. That's a lot of money on something I may not get a lot of use from.

It is healthier to have implants

I am doing fairly well right considering, so maybe I  will make it longer than my vague nurses memory is telling me. I was an ER nurse..never oncology, if you want to have a heart attack..I'm all yours☺I don't have stamina to work so I'm retired, better than saying disabled. 

I have concerns about healing because the dentist wants to pull the teeth, put the posts in and come back in 4 to 5 months to put the teeth in. And I will possible be in the beginnings of chemo

Any thoughts or experinces? Thank you so much! I was diagnosed last Christmas. Thank you Santa :-(. I feel very new and still very scared. 



  • I have all my upper teeth pulled out 4 months ago

    I have had all my upper teeth pulled out 4 months ago and almost ready for my $10K implants.
    Just my own persoanl preferences for you to consider. Get some Berberine supplements while you are on radiation. Drink a lot of water daytime. Take Kefir, seaweed.
    The herb "Andrographis Paniculata" worked for me to have my huge lymph nodes shrinked before I had any treatments 7 years ago.
    I still drink this herb tea quite often.
    If you don't have good teeth, you may use a machine like vitamix for everything.
    Just have to have strong belief that you will be able to use your dental investment in the future.

    Good luck.

    BTW, you may google "Andrographis Paniculata health benefits" and "berberine health benefits".