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We finally have a plan and good news!

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we saw the oncologist who specializes in GI cancer today. she was very positive that if they shrink a bit they will be resectable, that was great news. It still needs to go to the tumor board but we are hopeful. The other oncologist said he would not be resectable ever. So he has a ct scan Friday for a base ct before treatment. Port goes in Tuesday, first chemo is oct 5th. It will be one of the 5fu combinations, it just depends on his liver function and they are testing the tumor  for what I can't remember. In December they will scan him again and see from there what we are doing. Finally a plan! I am trying not to worry over the side effects, just being positive. Also they said his cancer is very slow growing so that's a plus as well. 

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Its always good to know what is going on, even if what is going on isn't going to be pleasant. 


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the previous oncologist said those tumors were not operable so hearing they will be was really good news

they talked about curing him and not just managing so that was good as well

trying  very hard to focus on the positive :)


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It struck me how excited you are now that you have a plan in place.  That is exactly how I felt!  Its good to get the ball rolling and attack that cancer!  As they say, the war is on.

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Having some direction to go in is always more reassuring.  When you know what to expect then it makes it easier than the unknown.  Glad that the GI doctor is giving you some good news.  Wishing you the best moving forward.


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