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Interesting RCC trials with Bristol Meyers

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I don't know if you saw this in the news yesterday, but I found it interesting:

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY). A combination of two immunotherapy drugs of the company, Opdivo and Yervoy, cut the risk of death by 37 percent in a key group of kidney cancer patients, data from a closely watched clinical trial showed on Sunday. The scale of the benefit provided by the two immune system-boosting drugs has been disclosed to experts attending the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) congress in Madrid. Separately, researchers reported that Opdivo is a better and safer option than Yervoy for treating melanoma patients who have had surgery to remove disease.

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Advancements in understanding and treating various types of cancer are increasing in frequency now but it still takes time.

I read the reuters article but I don't understand what this paragraph means for the claimed 37% cut in risk of death:

"In August, Bristol-Myers reported Opdivo and Yervoy failed to significantly outperform standard care in checking cancer progression, although there was a trend toward benefit."

Maybe it is something simple I am overlooking. Does the combination deliver a 37% cut in the risk of death or does it fail to significantly outperform standard care? Or are they not mutually exclusive?

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I understand that the Reuters press release is talking about publication of the results from the Checkmate 214 trial - see parallel discussion started by Lobbyist 0724, and follow his link to the actual BMS press release. 

There are different reported outcomes for different groupings in the overall trial sample.

I have also responded to that posting with my own experience with these drugs (Yervoy is Ipilimumbab and Opdivo is Nivolumab).  I am considered cured of the Stage 4 mRCC with which I was diagnosed in April 2015, although I am reluctant to take that as a certainty.  I was always symptom free throughout my whole cancer experience, and was reasonably fit and healthy, other than what the sacns were telling us.

I am still receiving the Nivo as part of the trial although that may now change.  I regard these drugs as having saved my life and am very happy to see that others can now get access to it. 

I also think this is a perfect example of what science can achieve, despite the noise from some of the science sceptics out there.

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I was in a phase one trial of nivo. Before it had a real name it was MDX-1107. It saved me too. 6 years ago.

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...so I rarely post anymore, but I do creep in and read, pray for lots more than I speak about.I am also a phase I of the trial. I am still in the Sutent -Nivo arm of the trial. It will be 5 years in February that I have been taking the combo. Still here, still cancer free.

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