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Has your daily life changed

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Big question. How has life changed for you on a daily basis after having surgery and this new journey. I find myself wondering how are thing going to be different and not planning things like I normally do.  I went to my second opinion doctor appt at the Cleveland clinic. He wants to do an open procedure. He did seem more confident about the approach and was much more open to questions than the last dr. He said there was no need for a biospy. He also recommend at  later point genetic testing because of my age and no known family member with this. Has any one had genetic testing. What exactly will it tell me. 



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His opinion about not doing a biopsy is well accepted between RCC specialists. No need to put yourself in more danger and do the biopsy as you know there is a slight possibility of spreading in case of malignancy.

I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly. If you mean what changes few weeks or months post surgery then this is my answer. It varies from one to another. You might spent one to give nights at the hospital. One you're back home, don't push yourself and let your body heals. It take some weeks for inside organs to heal after such a big surgery. Don't push, pull or carry things for at least six weeks post surgery do don't tough exercises. Walk and drink water as much as you can. And don't over think about what ifs. ( Easier said than done)

If you want to know what happens in your life after the surgery is done. Then if it comes back with benign report then bingo otherwise you're lucky because there is no cancerous tumor inside you anymore. I my case I got depressed for months post surgery then I made my decision to come back to life so I had some therapy sessions and my therapist really helped me out of that hell. Other good decisions I make which helped me: I opened up with my hubby about all my fears and asked for help and stop pretending I was strong enough to refuse help. I began doing things I always wanted to do but never had time for it.  I read Irvin Yalum's books, and I did my best to stay positive and seaze the moment ( not easy but I'm doing my best)

I was 36 and had a 10 cm tumor, stage two, grade two. And it was three years ago




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Thank you, I just trying get to try and prepare my self on what to expect after surgery.

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Mine was an open partial. Under 4 cms, stage 1 grade 2-3. Surgery wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. Not fun and don't want to do it again but my imagination was worse than the reality. I was out of the hospital on the third day. Hardest for me was the second day. The first you're in a fog from anesthesia and pain killers so that was ok. That night they kicked me out of bed and made me walk. I thought they were kidding. But I did it and it helped, so I walked as much as possible while still in hospital. Drank a lot of water and used the breathing apparatus they give you to keep your lungs clear. Hardest is getting out of bed at first but they taught me how to roll on my side (not the incision side) and that helped. If they don't show it to you ask them to! After you're home do try to walk as often as possible. Use a pillow when coughing, sneezing or laughing. I had no appetite for close to a week so don't be alarmed if you don't either. How did life change philosophically? It really didn't but in all honesty I don't take my body and my health so much for granted any more. It kind of humbled me from thinking I'm immortal and invincible. All the best to you!

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I'm 6 months out of full nephrectomy. I was give pre surgery instructions that laid out what was to be done. I was lucky that I had no colonoscopy as some posters had. Day of surgery I woke before 5am had hardboiled eggs and black coffee. Surgery was scheduled for 1pm but got delayed til 3. Had blood and other tests there that day. Wished I had shaved my forearms as they bandaged them up like crazy and it hurt like crazy when it is peeled off! Anesthiologist came in and told me what was going to happen. Got a dose of Valium I believe prior to going in to surgery. Was placed on table and surgeon asked if I was ready. **** yeah lets get this over. Awoke like it was best sleep I had in long time.recovery room with wife for awhile. Taken to room. The liquid diet gave me headaches and was glad for hospital food on 2nd day. Was up out of bed to go to bathroom next morning. You will be walking really soon and encouraged to do so as much as you can.also they had me sitting up in chair most of the next day also. I was home in 3 days but Dr thought I could go in 2. As others have said its bad, but not as bad as you will imagine. There are a lot of recent posts on recent surgeries here. If you have a question ask, you'll get an answer pretty fast. Hoping you can relax pre surgery and a successful one.

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