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Swelling in side

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My husband has been diagnosed with kidney cancer in his left kidney. However, he is having pain and swelling in his right side. We have been assured that there is no problem with his right kidney, but this problem continues to get worse. Has anyone had this issue or any suggestions?  Thanks. 

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Could you please provide more details?  Has he had surgery?  When?  Etc.  Your "about me" page is not filled in, so you likely won't get much more than questions without giving more info.

Thank you,


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Thanks Donna. I'll take care of that.  No, he is t scheduled for surgery until September 27th. The area that is awollen is painful and has spasms also. 

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All sorts of weird pains.  But not that


the liver is on the right side which I assume must be clear


the swelling would worry me however   

I hope you get a answer/suggestions  soon



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Pain and nausea can travel arround the area but physical swelling and spasms doesn't sound good. He would have had a CT scan and nothing wrong was found in his right kidney so we have to accept that. Stress and anxiety might be causing problems with pain signals and even spasms, but not sure what the swelling would be.

It might be something simple like too much gas-producing foods or constipation / poor digestion (related to stress), or heartburn.

If it is convenient and inexpensive for you to visit a trusted and reliable general or family practitioner I would consider visiting them at the earliest opportunity to explore what the swelling might be. Even if there is nothing wrong, for me it would be better than spending the next two weeks with the anxiety of not knowing what was going on.

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