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Post Chemo. What to do?

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So June 30th was my last chemo Infusion I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer on March 8th I decided to start chemo as soon as possible. I now have had a month without chemo, I still get really light headed alot, I get tired of walking around and Im tired of all the post chemo symptoms. I want and need to get back to my routines from before all this, working out playing sports and driving and having fun. I need to feel like a normal Teenager again I will be 18 on August 13 I have surgery planned for September 1st to dissect  lymph nodes that were seen in my pelvis to determine if I am out of the woods or not. Can you guys tell me hoe much longer will it take for me to feel ok going on a jog or even to clean my room. 

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My son was 24 when he was first diagnoised.  He went through 3 years of treatments (including 2 stem cell transplants)   He is now 15 years cancer free.  My son was very very active prior to this.   After his last treatment he said it took him a year to get around the block.  But he never gave up.  He just kept challenging himself a litte ea. time.  The next year he started running mini marathons.  After that he went to biking.   Now he weight lifts everyday.  Jogs 15 miles a day. 

It will happen for you.  Just be kind to yourself and take it a day at a time. 

PS.  He is the man upfront in the picture. 

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