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Fifteen Years on August 1, 2017

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Some observations and a few thoughts:

NED X 15
NBD X 15
Each of the 5 grandchildren has become 15 years older. No new ones.
The 18 year old girl I met on the beach (Icewoman) will be 73 this fall.
The survivor rates for each Stage of RCC have increased over the last 15 years..
Ice Tongs are no longer used for RCC Surgery. Ice picks are no longer used for RCC biopsies.
I will be 75 next year.
I am so old DiVinci himself did my surgery.
May each member of the club be a survivor for not just 15 years, but for many years beyond that

Stay away from restaurants serving Kidney Pie

To the best of health for all<


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Mighty Frog
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HI! Icemantoo!

Glad to heard your survivor story..... I think you must been eating the right way and healthy. After my surgery i plan to opt to Mediteraanean diet hope it will help...... 

Agreed to the Best of health to all.....


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The best place to eat a Mediterranean diet is in the Mediterranean! Cruise or destination foodie travel spot? 

I'd say "I'm in," but I think the closest I'm going to get to the Mediterranean is a jar of Greek olives I've got in the fridge. 

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Bay Area Guy
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Congrats on quite a milestone ice.  May you celebrate many, many more anniversaries.

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That was funny!  i needed some comic relief!  Congratulations, Icemantoo!

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Always reliable for a smile worthy post! Congrats, Iceman Smile

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First of all....a BIG thank you for all you do here for us on this board.  You have been relentless over the years of being the first or one of the first to reach out to newbies.  Your words of encouragment and your consolable tone are so impactful.  

Just as important is a congratulations on this milestone. 


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That's something to celebrate ;)

Love your great sense of humor!


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Congratulations Iceman on your big milestone. Thank you again for your support when I joined last year. It is very encouraging to read your posts!


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and prosper, my friend.

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May we all: follow in your footsteps; be happy, healthy, strong, and safe; and maintain our senses of humor. 

Congrats on your nephrect-iversary!

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have given you a wicked sense of humor. Best wishes on all the good stuff in your life, as named above.

I'm trying, but haven't caught you yet, altho we've been married 53 years. Only 11 years on the survival scale and my youngest gr-daughter will be 11 in a month.

Way to go "young man."  Hugs,


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Thank you Iceman. As others have said you were one of the first to post on my first posting. May you have many more healthy anniversaries. 

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To have posted 2500 messages on this forum is also well done.

You were the first to respond to me, too.


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Very helpful guy

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Joined: Jan 2017

Great News

You were the first to welcome me, too.  Your words calmed me.  I will always appreciate that.  Thank you.

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nICE!  You are 5 times the NED that I am. 

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Keep on, keeping on!

God Bless,


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Congratulations!   What stage were you?  How big was the tumor? 

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2,6 cm on initial CT and 4.2 cm on pathology after being nephed.



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Hello Iceman! Great humor, great inspiring story!


And thank you so much for helping us all here. Your support is priceless!

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Joined: Jun 2014

15 years!! Woo-Hoo!!! Congratulations on your milestone!!!

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ICE you are so nice! You are always the first to offer hope and help to newcomers!

May kind acts be returned in your life as well!

Congrats on all your accomplishments, including a wonderful marriage!

hugs to you and yours, 

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Skagway Jack
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Iceman,  Thats a great run, keep up the streak!   


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Hey Iceman!

Sorry I am so late in replying to this GREAT post! Congrats on 15 years! Here's to the next 15 years!

Big hugs from your northern neighbour!


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