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Talked with a neighbor

foxhd Member Posts: 3,181

A very good man. Of course we discussed my health. I stated that at least I know what I'm going to die from. He answered that that wasn't true. Because maybe I might get hit by a bus tomorrow. I decided not to put a song in his head. It's the first time I've heard that comment in a while.


  • foxhd
    foxhd Member Posts: 3,181
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    it's an old story

    non cancer people don't understand how living with cancer is constantly on our minds. Like having a song stuck in your head. They say "Don't worry, any one of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow." Then I ask when the last time they thought about getting hit by a bus. The answer is "Never." I then ask if they ever had a song stuck in their head. The answer is yes. I usually whistle, "I'm dreaming of a white x-mas..." until I get them whistling or singing to themselves. They begin to understand.

  • pamstayner
    pamstayner Member Posts: 111
    Darn you Foxy..

    Now I not only have the cancer thread running, but a small world tune too.... ! 

    A bit more seriously,  I have not checked in about myself in awhile.  I frankly don't like news that is not hopeful or upbeat... I feel like I got hit by a truck sometimes, (pun intended).

     I do tell myself I will not die from this cancer... But I tell you, I think the side effects from the treatments will get me some day.  I am currently off all treatment, again, fell through the cracks, as they say. Waiting for Express Scripts through Tricare for Life to get their specaility pharmacy's **** together (pardon me, but I am furious at them) .  I was on Anxitinib in trial, lasted three sessions of 28 days, got sicker than a dog, so am out of trial, attempting to taylor a doseage for me.. not the trial schedule.

    So for about two weeks now I feel healthy, clear minded (?) energetic (that's a new one) .  Making it hard for me to contemplate re- chalange of TKI's.  Why do I have to feel so healthy while this dam cancer works in the background unchalanged ... and so dam sick while the cancer drugs are supposed to be working?  Beats the heck out of me.  Okay, end of my rant.  Gotta get my mind back in gear, and face this right.  

    I am so happy for your sense of humor Fox... keep on keeping on ... 




  • Steve.Adam
    Steve.Adam Member Posts: 463
    My neighbour

    My neighbour is 86 and has a lung poblem (not cancer) that has nearly killed him a few times and will probably get him in the end.

    A couple of times now I have stopped myself from telling him that 86 is pretty good, really. It is no consolation. He just wants to be able to breath normally.


  • Forger
    Forger Member Posts: 20
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    My Odds Of Bus Strike Go Up Sharply come 10 AUG...

    'Cause I drive a school bus and school starts on the 10th, and if we had kids I wouldn't put them on 99% of the other drivers busses. 

    They tend to panic if the least little thing goes sideways and have spent most of their lives driving vehicles you could park inside a school bus.

    I pity The Boss who has to take the least of the worst steering wheel holders out there...

    Just don't step offa any curbs w/o looking both ways..

    And just outta curiosity, what song were you thinking of putting in his head??