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behavioral therapy or AdVance sling

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Has anyone tried behaioral therapy or the AdVance sling for urinary incontinence. There is also sacral  nerve stimulation ? Since I had the seeds put into the area of concern where the prostate use to be it seems my incontinence has gotten worst. I do kegels and take a 25 mg Myrbetriq but still go thru 4 pads a day. before the seeds it was at the most 1.

Thank you for your response.   


Will Doran
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I had a 5 1/2 hour robotic assisted Radical Prostatectomy in December of 2013, followed by 8 weeks of radiatioin and have been on Lupron for two years. I had a PSA of 69 with a gleason of 7 and it turned out 40% involvement of the prostate.   After the catheter was removed, I had leakage.  My doctors sent me to Physical Therapy for bladder control.  It seems to have helped.  I am now two years post surgery, with my PSA still remaining at <0.010.  Most of the time I have complete control.  However at times, especially after doing 90 - 100 minutes of exercise on my spinner bike, When I get off the bike I really have to work at control.  I assume it's just from being tired. I also have to really watch when I laugh hard.  That can cause leaks as well.  However after the PT, I am able , in almost all instances, able to keep control.  I can now do an hour+ work out at the gym and not have any leakage while doing all the exercises my Therapists and Trainers have suggested on the weight machines.  I also had to change pads a couple times per day, but now use one per day.  Kegels were only part of my therapy.  There are inner core exercises that I had to do and still do on a regular basis.  I just completed 6 weeks of Physical Therapy to try to regain some of the leg muscle strength that was lost while I was on the Lupron.  I switched therapy centers, because the first place was treating me for big muscle strength, and I realized it wasn't helping my legs.  At the new Thearpy Place they went right back to the Inner Core Muscle work, and that has really helped my leg muscles and, in addition has helped even more with my bladder control.  My doctors have told me that part of the control problem is from the Lupron.  The last shot runs out the first week of February, but side effects will linger at the minimum four more months.  I also had to have an incision in my bladder during the robotic surgery because of a birth defect situation.  So, That has caused much of my leakage problems.  We couldn't do the seed thing, because my prostate was adhered to the bladder.  I was told when we first talked about the seeds that leakage could be a problem.  I decided I wanted the cancer surgically removed.  Then as the surgery was being done my doctors realized that the seeds woudn't have worked anyway becasue of the birth defect. 

I feel that, for my situation, doing the Physical Therapy exercise has and is helping very much.  We are all different in our situaions.  You might want to talk to your doctors and see if they think some other sort of Physical Therapy would help you.   Again, I say, our cases are all different, so what works for me, might not work for other people.  It's worth a try.

Best of Luck,

Fight Hard

Peace and God Bless


Danny K
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I had my robotic surgery in 8/15, and my incontinence started right after that and seemss to have gotten worse with the use of Cunningham clamp. Does anyboday have a suggestion as to what I should do next to control my incontinence. I currently use one pad a day with the Cunningham clamp. Without the clamp, I use two to four pads a day, but the clamp is very injurious and uncomfortabl. Any suggestion would help.

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Get the AMS 800. It will transform your life. It is not perfect and you may experience some leakage but nothing like what you are getting now. The Cunningham clamp can lead to infection. I  used it  for several years before getting the 800. No comparison

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