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Non resectable stage 4 survivors

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Joined: Sep 2016

Hi, is there anyone out there who's stage 4 Stomach cancer was unable to be surgically removed yet still survived?Anyone with any info or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciate. My little brother has adenocarcinoma of the gastric cardia. Doctors have refused surgery twice due to it being near the Renal artery. 99% of the long term survivor stories I've read have had their stomachs removed. He is my only sibling, my lifeline. I need him. Please pray. I will not want to exist in a world Without him. Is there any hope?

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I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 signet ring adenocarcinoma in my stomch and I know I cannot receive surgery because it has spread to lymph nodes near the arteries in the back.

I'm 37 with a 4 and a 2 year olds and I have intention of living into 70's.



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Vess Foteva
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Hello all, I hope you are well and fighting the Stomach cancer successfully.  I lost my cousin two years ago due to pancreatic cancer that pervaded into his stomach. I wish I knew more about clinical trials back then and the possible treatment alternatives, but I was simply paralyzed by fear and grief, so I basically didn't do much out of giving him courage and supporting him emotionally. Hats off to you guys for your strength and mutual support!
I hope I can at least help some of you by sharing this clinical trial which is in an advanced phase and looking for 300 people to join it in many different countries. I hope it will be useful for some of the people here. This platform FindMeCure which I support offers information about clinical trials for many other conditions, so if this trial isn't right for you, there might be something else. I'm sending you my positive energy and support! 
Here is the link to the trial: https://goo.gl/cCMypN
And here is a link to the FindMeCure search platform: https://www.findmecure.com/ 

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