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High PSA big gland

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my partner had a urine obstruction and now in catheter. He was tested for CT scan and PSA, the result was 68cc for the gland size and 38 for the PSA. We are waiting to get the urologist opinion and I am getting very scared. I love my partner and I do not think I can live without him. But I know I have to be strong and I want to have an idea in advance what steps we should take if it is the worse case and if it is not what are the best steps we should take to confirm he is safe. Can also someone here tell me about having high PSA but not positive for cancer? I will be very appreciative for any comment you can give. 

Old Salt
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You wrote 'not positive for cancer'. What is the evidence; did he get a biopsy?

Only a biopsy can tell if there is cancer.

Wish you and your partner a good outcome.

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Hi Oldsal we haven't confirm with the urologist yet whether he has cancer so I am hoping it is just a prostitis and looking out for people who has high psa but no cancer just to atleaset lessen our stress and worry. I can't eat nor sleep just waiting for his result and he is the same. i am also looking for diet tips that can help his condition. 

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Cancer and PSA are not directly related.  Elevated PSA can be caused by cancer, but also sometimes PSA is high because of inflamation, infection or prostatitis, eventhough there is no cancer present. Also cancer can sometimes be present even when PSA is fairly low. The only way to verify that there is cancer present is with a biopsy. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to know for sure that there is not any cancer.

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I am praying that it is not cancer, if the doctor say it might be should we go for biopsy or DRe first? 

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Welcome to the board. Your comment regarding the size of the gland makes me think that you have been reading about prostate cancer (PCa), and such is in fact your best step, getting educated while waiting for a definite conclusion. However, your anxiousness seem to be blinding you of the reality. You need to come down, even if cancer is diagnosed positive, and confront the situation positively. Every thing should be done coordinately and at its own timing, each step following an educated guess till a final conclusion on the occurrence. We all get affraid in the beginning and many just want to get it out no matter what the consequences can be, regretting it latter.

No doubt that the high PSA of 38 ng/ml is suspicious of cancer, but one can eliminate the bandit in due timing with a proper stealth treatment. In the end, what you need is to get the best diagnosis that would lead to the best choice in treatment and to the best outcome.

I believe that the obstruction problem is caused by inflammation which would correspond to the existing big size gland of 68 cc. Benign hyperplasia is usually the culprit in big size glands. The common cancerous cells just produce more PSA than the normal cells. Both are subjected to inflammation which can cause urination problems. In your partner's case he may have both; hyperplasia and cancer. The first thing to do is to treat the inflammation, which usually is done with a protocol of anti-inflammatory/antibiotics (to rule out UTI). Then one should get another PSA and start all from this last result.

So far his doctor has done what is typical in such blockade situations. Get a PSA test and a picture. After anti-inflamatory therapy and if the PSA persist to continue high or if DRE finds any bumps, then one needs to get a biopsy to identify the type of existing cells. If cancer is found then one needs to locate the extent of the disease. That will provide a guessing clinical stage from which one decides on a treatment. Surely before deciding we should get second opinions and know all the consequences that such a treatment can cause.

For the moment, getting educated on the matter and having a list of question handy for the next consultation is the best. I wonder the age of your partner and of any other health issue he had/has. Surely it is good to get fit and follow proper diets. Many here agree that heart healthy diets are good for PCa.

Here are links to help you in preparing your "List of questions" and understanding PCa issues;




Best wishes and luck.



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First of all thank you VGama and for everyone that commented i was in deep shocked that I forgot to say thank you. My partner i could easily say and mean it the most important person in my life which is why I am in a very panicked and maniac depression behavior. I am going through it step by step one at a time and try my very best to help him. 


Best wishes and luck to us all!

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I would expand a little on Vasco's commentary, all of which I agree with.  You mention manic-depression, which suggests that you are familiar with the terminology, a serious imparement.  If you are on meds, take them, and call your doc if necessary due to an acute episode.

Diagnosis with prostate cancer (if he has it) is NOT a death sentence, virtually ever.  It is not like most organ cancers, like lung, brain, pancreatic, and some others, which, if they are late-stage, usually ARE death sentences.  Even highly advanced disease is very treatable long term, with many if not most Stage IV patients commonly living a dozen years or more past diagnosis.  And most cases are discovered long before Stage IV, with very high percentages of cure.  The more you learn, the calmer you both will be....

With a PSA of 38 I would demand a biopsy, which any urologist is almost certainly going to insist upon anyway.  It is within the realm of possibility to have a PSA that high and not have PCa, but the liklihood is minute.



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Concurring with above... Initially this sounds like an attack of acute prostatitis, though cancer cells could be present. If the enlarged prostate feels warmer and "feverish" than usual, besides being enlarged, then it is more likely Prostatitis rather than typical BPH. Prostatitis happens so suddenly, it is a shock to those who never experienced it before. Like mentioned above, an antibiotic treatment will clear up the infection, but not necessarily permanently. And a biopsy, as mentioned above should be scheduled as soon as available. Likely, he will see his PSA number lowered fairly quickly once the antibiotic takes effect, if the infection is causing the elevated numbers. If not, then that is an even clearer alarm that steps be taken to detect PC. Nowadays, Ciprofloxacin is the antibiotic of choice for prostatitis, though, in my opinion it is slower acting (one to two weeks), prohibits consumption of dairy during treatment, and has varying side effects such as neuropathy and black tongue, the latter being an alarming, though harmless side effect. I suspect it has something to do with pharmaceutical sales, but I won't go there. 

Nonetheless, rest assured your partner is not doomed to wear a catheter the rest of his life. Either the antibiotic will cure the infection, and his numbers will lower, or he is dealing with PC, and can undergo the more encompassing treatments than mere antibiotics. The bad news about prostatitis, it will probably recur, no telling when and where it can happen. Over a ten year period, I suffered five prostatitis attacks. During the last, I also had severe BPH symptoms to start, and once the infection reoccurred, the prostate inflated to massive size and shut off the plumbing entitely, requiring a quick middle of the night ER trip.I

So, whatever this is, it will take some particular lifestyle adjustments, but they are not to be feared. Even during those years knowing I could suffer an attack at any time, I did not let it interfere with the important things. Your partner just needs to be aware it can happen unexpectedly and take necessary precautions.

Btw... It's easy to get caught up in the commercial OTC Prostate remedies. You can waste your money if you want, but ask anybody in this forum, better to buy a lottery ticket than waste your money. I put occasional hope in these remedies, grasping at anything. What disappointments they were.

Eventually, I underwent DaVinci robotic RP, once a biopsy proved positive, and the BPH and recurring Staph infection proved unmanageable. My prostate would inflate to ten times the normal size of 25cc. So your partner has a long way to catch up with some of us in the prostate misery department. This is my way of saying he is probably in much better shape and eventually he will know if antibiotics remedies his prostate problem, or more drastic treatment is required for PC, but either way, he can get through it and expect good outcomes. So caution is required, but worry is not. God bless you both.

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