Kidney OPN update

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Thank you to this group for the support. I had an OPN (abour 23 incision) June 8 around 12:30. Dr was worried about prior cryoablation, but ended up saying my surgery was textbook with NO issues. The recovery has been long (minutes actually seem like minutes turned to hours), but am doing much better. Up walking a lot, and of course taking lots of naps.

Appreciate all the hints, like pillows in the car with you and small meals.

My goal for Saturday is to go walk our smalltown mall where it is cool and I can walk a bit more before I am drenched in sweat from the heat and humidity.

Thank you for those cheering us on, could not have done it without your encouragement.


  • BoondockSaint
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    Sounds like you are well on

    Sounds like you are well on your way to recovery. One day at a time my friend. Congratulations to you.

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    Congratulations, the worst

    Congratulations, the worst part is gone. Don't go to those crowd malls if it is still very painful, someone pushed me and that really hurt. Take care and speedy recovery!