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Mole changed during pregnancy??

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I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but I had a mole next to my belly button for as long as I can I remember. I never paid much attention to it till 5 years ago a doctor pointed out it was questionable looking since it was two different colors. It's a small mole so I never looked at it too hard. She asked if I've always had it and I said yes. She didn't do anything besides tell me to keep an eye on it if it changes. 

I just had a baby two months ago. During pregnancy I saw it start to change. It got bigger the farther along i was, but I wouldn't say it's big it's maybe medium size now. However, the border is ridged and the two different colors are super obvious now. The doctor (a different one) pointed it out during pregnancy and commented on it. I told her I always had it and she made a note of it since we couldn't do much till after pregnancy. Now two months postpartum I finally asked her about it again and we both agreed to remove it because it looks very questionable! However, I still have a week till it gets removed and most likely another week till I hear results.
I'm so nervous and scared! Has anyone else have this happen during pregnancy?! Was everything okay or benign?? 
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Hello, I just joined today hopig to inspire others in any aspect and I came across yours! Well I recently had a baby boy in June 2016 and I had a mole in the corner crease of my right knee in the back. so stick your index finger inside where you bend your leg and move two inches toward the outside of your right leg. I had this thing my whole life; never had a problem just a big black mole I was uncomfortable with. Well during my recent pregnancy it started to hurt with the touch and protrude a little. my family notcied the change and thought I should get it removed. So in July 2016 I had it removed, it came out easy and the said it was an infested cyst; however, they would send it off for pathology. Well living the life with my newborn on maternity leave, four months later after starting back at work, i get a phone call from local hospital saying I need to come in and talk to a surgeon. Anyways, he said i ha hydrodenocarcenoma. A super rare skin cancer of the sweat glands. He said pathology took so long because it went around the world trying to figure out what it was. Long story short, they said when they removed the mole it was like a slice of cake. When you cut a piece it drops crumbles(cancer). And it was really close to the border of where they cut. So a week later, after seeing every radiologist, cancer doctor who would be on my team...I got a surgery-a wide excision 4cm around and deep where the mole was, a sking graft where they took skin from my thigh and placed over the hole and CT/PET Scan to make sure it was not anywhere else, and they took lymp nodes from my leg and groin. After all that, everything was negative. Just a lot of healing and coping with what just drastically happened. So I am hoping I can reach you in hopes that everything turned out OK for you but also let you know my story!

Hoping to hear from you and congrats on the baby!

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