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Nodule on lung

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I went to the er Sunday for chest pains and they did a Ct scan to rule out pe's. They found a nodule on my lung and I asked for a pulmonary consult. Pulmonary came through and said to follow up with a Ct in one year. I'm not very comfortable with that. The medical device told me to have my pcp do a follow up in 7 months. I had a Ct back in Aug/Sept and there wasn't anything on it, or at least they didn't say there was. I'm not sure what to do or think at this momen. If it's cancerous, I don't want to wait too long. 

Thanks for "listening "

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Nodules can show up for many reasons - not just cancer.

Read this




If the above does not apply what about a second opinion?

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Thanks. I had bronchitis a few months ago. I found out that my older sister has nodules on her lungs they are monitoring 

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 Hey everyone. So I was in the ER a few weeks ago with really bad chest pain and pain in my upper left shoulder back area. I have problems with my heart but my arteries are good so I knew it wasn't a heart attack. They did a CAT scan to check my aorta and for any clots . The doctor said everything is normal it's not cardiac related we can keep you overnight for observation or you can go home.  Of course I chose to go home. I have a follow up at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida because that's where I go for treatment regarding my heart failure/pulmonary hypertension which is caused by a severe relaxation abnormality of my left ventricle.  That being said, I also have a biventricular CRT which was implanted  with the hope it would help give me a better quality of life. Unfortunately it hasn't helped any of the symptoms of the issues listed above. But it does help some of the electrical issues I'm also having with my heart. So that's my history. My surgeons nurse practitioner had contacted me a few days after I was at the ER and I told her what happened.  She advised me to make sure I get a copy of any and all test they did that day and bring with me to my next appointment. When I picked up the records I was reading the CAT scan report that the doctor at the ER said was perfectly normal. Well guess what, it wasn't. It shows that my heart is mildly enlarged which is par for the course, it showed that I have a calcified granuloma in my lower left lobe of my lung. I had a CAT scan done two years ago and there was nothing in my long so I'm curious why I have this. And if this has any relation to the pain I have constantly in my upper left shoulder and the pains I get in my chest,  in addition to my breathing difficulty associate it with everything I have going on. I don't freak out about this stuff. I just want answers which I'm sure I'll get more once I go to my appointment on June 2. But I was just curious if anybody here has ever been diagnosed with a calcified granuloma in their lung.  I think my biggest question is from everything I've read it says it can take a long time to develop but there was a clean CAT scan two years ago and I've had other chest x-rays etc. in between. So I'm just a little curious how it developed.  I'm not sure the size of it either.  So I'm just curious if anybody has had to have a biopsy done of something like that or if they just watch it? I'm not a big watcher of things. If it doesn't belong,  I want to know for sure what it is. I would hate to watch something grow bigger and then find out it's actually cancer. 

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1. Calcified nodules are not likely cancerous. 2. You didn't identify the size of the nodule.  Nodules smaller then 6mm even non calcified are less then 1% cancerous. Yours is calcified making your odds near zero.

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