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Great news!

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Good news?

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My neighbor is responding to the hormone and chemo. His PSA was down from 606 to 314 today. 

This is good news, correct? They are going to test it every month.

Another question. I've done some reading in other threads and it seems that taking calcium may be contraindicated during treatment, but I'm uncertain of that. They warned him about something with his jaw/teeth with the treatment plan, so you would think he would want to take calcium. 

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Great news!

Well done for helping him.

With regards to calcium, there is enough information out there that is non-snake oil to make it a concern. Google gives loads and I would suggest you get the oncologist to discuss this.

I think as Max hinted earlier, there is a lot of confusion so the middle ground is probably safe, i.e. eat a healty balanced diet and it will take care of itself.


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The treatment for metastatic PCa in bone typically includes a bisphosphanate like drug, that can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw. Could that be what you are looking for? I wonder what was his treatment protocol.

Here is an example of a boring conversation for starting newer threads in the mid of a discussion, whose story started in a previous thread. Either you provide the link to the previous thread for us to read it or just continue your inquires in the same thread.

You can be assured of better responses by the members.



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I wasn't sure if I should start a new conversation or bring up the old one. Thanks for letting me know. I will continue back over on the old thread.

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